Sunday, February 5, 2012

And The Gas pipeline was blown up Again For the.. I have lost counting

The Egyptian Gas pipeline in North Sinai has been blown up once again from short time ago.
Here couple photos from tweep Shady Ahmed who took snap shot for the explosion and described the explosion this time as huge and big.
By Shady Ahmed

By Shady Ahmed

This pipeline is used to export natural gas to both Israel and Jordan. I do not need to speak how people in Egypt do not want the government to export gas to Israel because of political reasons as well economic reasons.
I have lost counting when it comes to how many this pipeline has been blown up by anonymous masked group since the beginning of the revolution but I think it is the first time this year.
I wonder if the parliament will press the government to re-negotiate the price of the gas with Israel if not to cancel the deal till all the Egyptian houses especially those in Upper Egypt get access to gas.
By the way there have been reports today that one of the suspects arrested and accused of blowing up this pipeline has been found dead in his prison cell in the weekend in mysterious circumstances. Human rights organizations in Egypt suspect that he was tortured till death.
Whether he was tortured till death or not , his arrest did not stop those anonymous masked group from blowing up the bloody pipeline once again. 

Update :

According to Ahram SMS the authorities have managed at last to put off the fire resulted from the explosion. We are speaking about SMS in 11 AM CLT. According to eye witnesses the explosion was indeed huge and big.

According to those who follow the gas pipeline file , this is the 11th time the pipeline is blown up.

RNN has published on its official Facebook page scans for a statement allegedly was found near the blown up pipeline. The Statement speaks about why that anonymous group ‘which I do not see its signature in these scans’ blew up the the pipeline. The statement did not mention that this operation is for the murder or the death of late suspect Mohamed Eid in custody.

Some tweep claimed online that some anonymous group in North Sinai called “Ansar El Jihad” stood behind the explosion. It is worth to mention that this group claimed responsibility for blowing up the pipeline in December 2011. The group's first statement was issued last October responisbility for that operation at the Egyptian Israeli borders where 8 IDF soldiers in August 2011. The group issued a third statement on January 25,2012 “interesting date” announcing the Islamic principality of Sinai and endorsing Ayman El Zawahiri to the end of the Jihadi classic styles phrases attacking those who cooperate with the infidel government.. etc. 


  1. Everything goes on... . They kill someone in a cell, but without publishing who he is and then every body can know that this sort of attack takes advantage to the wishes of Israel to reoccupy the Sinai under the guise of security (this example about gas). Perhaps no one was arrested but if they say that they arrested someone and that he died, the case are concluded.

  2. @Zeinobia, "I have lost counting when it comes to how many this pipeline has been blown up"

    Arutz Sheva says it's the twelfth time.

    "I wonder if the parliament will press the government to re-negotiate the price of the gas with Israel if not to cancel the deal till all the Egyptian houses especially those in Upper Egypt get access to gas."

    Neither re-negotiating the price nor hooking up some Upper Sinai houses to the gas main is going to stop these terrorist bombings. Surely you know that.

    "tortured till death"

    I hope they got good information from him.

  3. You keep repeating those slogans of selling Egypt's gas for cheap to Israel, keep in mind the following points:

    1. The price was recently renegotiated between Egypt/Israel/Jordan.
    2. Even the original deal, as many long term energy deals, had price adjusting checkpoints.
    3. Natural gas had an ugly slump in price all over the world. New huge gas fields were discovered.

    In any case, I think both Israel and Jordan are working hard for securing alternative sources of gas since its obvious that Egypt cannot deliver, and the price is really not the issue.

  4. Jason and Anonymous

    We don't care if you pay us above market value for the gas. It is the fact that we do not want to help the racist Zionist regime and state that is called "Israel". Get your own energy source. We will never allow a single pipeline to be built. It's done, you no longer have an ally. Deal with it!

  5. Z, look at the second page ( it's writen on top of it: "the al azhar front statement against the Gas supply to israel may 5 2008"

    1. The statement allegedly found at the sit contained the statement issued by Al Azhar front statement , at least this is what I understood.

  6. Once again instead on focussing on the economy and bettering living conditions, you turn against Israel. Look at what is happening in the Arab world. Look at Arabs killing Arabs. Is it all because of Israel?

  7. Australia took part in every anti-communist crusade since the Second World War and now our biggest trading partner is ..Communist China!
    Business is business, as I would think Arabs would understand! Both Australians and Chinese are benefiting and we are leaving a legacy for future generations.
    Zeinobia, you might want to put up a blog on Egypt's parlous economic position.

  8. @Zeinobia, the 06:44 AM Anonymous poster who said "We will never allow a single pipeline to be built" is a self-identified terrorist. Blowing up perfectly legal pipelines is a terrorist act. Please forward his IP address to the Egyptian authorities, or to me, and I'll do it.

  9. Jason,

    You are beyond pathetic. Every pipeline will be destroyed because the Bedouins are more Egyptian and have more pride than those running the show nowadays. No army, whether Egyptian or Israeli will stop them. Go turn to the puppet King Abdullah if you want some energy.

    Now run along and cry to America to give you more billions because Israel lost it's most strategic ally (Mubarak)

  10. @Anonymous, the Bedouins or whoever did this anti-Egyptian terrorism needs to be put to justice, preferably put to death, to make an example of them. It isn't their pipeline. They don't own it and didn't build it. The Egyptian gas that runs through it brings wealth to Egypt. Egypt, Jordan and Israel all agreed on the mutually beneficial deal. If Egypt wants the raise the price, fine. Israel and Jordan can accept or reject the new offer taking into account market prices and the reliability of the supply.

    Proud Egyptian Bedouins? More like terrorist criminal scum losers. Like you, they are pathetic leeches, jealous of one of the few profitable ventures in Egypt.

  11. Are you crazy? Israel did not lose its most valuable strategic ally, the Egyptian Army is still there is it not?


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