Sunday, February 5, 2012

#Feb11 General Strike in Universities "Updated"

A number of universities or rather students unions in several universities across the country have announced that they are going on a general strike starting from next February 11st , 2012  till SCAF hands over powers to civilians as an escalation of protesting.
The murder of several university students during the Port Said stadium clashes created a great anger among these students as many of the victims especially the martyrs are students in these universities and schools.

The students and instructors in the following universities and faculties are participating in the strike :
  Now most of these students unions are demanding the following aside from handing over power to civilians : 
  • A national unity revolutionary government
  • Restoring the rights of the martyrs and the injured. 
The students union of Jesuit school in Cairo has announced that they are going participate in the strike , I think already they are having their mid term vacation now. Several of the famous Jesuit school graduates have been killed and injured in the revolution and what followed it from clashes in Tahrir square in 2011 till the latest clashes in Port Said Stadium.
GUC student and Jesuit school graduate Karim Khozam "may Allah bless his soul" was the last one to join the long list of martyrs the school profiled.The Jesuit school students and graduates had tent in the big sit ins in Tahrir square during 2011.
The Jesuit school is not the only school participating in the strike because  Lycee El Haram students union has announced that it is going to on strike starting from February 11,2012. 
Lycee Bab El Louq school which is at the crossfire now in the battle of the MOI has got a students union that announced it will be on a strike till the military goes back to the barracks
Whether you are with the move or against it , I do not recall something happening like that in the Egyptian universities before.
Despite the significance of the date "February 11,2011" that marks the stepping down of Mubarak and his departure from Cairo , Saturday is a holiday for most Egyptians.
According to several activists this move prepares the public for the civil disobedience many believe  "especially socialists" will bring down the military rule in Egypt. Needless to say the civil disobedience or even a general strike will need huge mobilization as well huge support and acceptance from the public , I do not know if we can get in a week period.
The strikes in labor sectors from time to time in several factories as in several companies are not enough indicator about the success of the idea in Egypt to me considering how the public rejects these strikes thanks to the media.
Still strikes and civil disobedience are from the most powerful weapons of peaceful revolution if they are wisely and perfectly use , I want them to be used perfectly in Egypt because I fear their failure will cost the revolution and the revolutionaries a lot.
The strike in 1919 revolution was among the successful weapons we used against the British , the question now if we use it in 2012 , will help our revolution as its supporters believe  !? 

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  1. IF it is well organised, very well, concerning EVERYBODY yes,if not, it will be a failure and Peaceful


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