Monday, February 6, 2012

#Syrian Revolution : #SOSHoms again and again “+18 Graphic”

It seems that what Obeida El Nahas said that there will be a military operation against the Homs will continue for days is true as since early morning , the city of Homs is witnessing another bombardment. From the beginning there is an extreme graphic material in this graphic. 
The Baba Amr area now is being under mortar attack for hours now. There has been live stream from the city but it seems that it was cut again anyhow there are videos allegedly shot this morning from the city while it is being shelled.
Homs : Baba Amr buildings shelled this morning
Homs : Baba Amr shelled on Monday’s morning
Homs : A mortar attack on Baba Amr
The activists in Syria said from two hours ago that at least 10 were reportedly killed so far. Of course this death is expected to increase rapidly. There are tens of injured already in the doomed area.
Homs : Baba Amr injured
This video report below allegedly taking today's morning "despite it was uploaded on February 5th!!" and it shows one of the field hospitals in Homs.

According to the residents of Homs one of the mortars hit a main oil pipeline feeding the main refinery in the city. Telecommunications are reportedly cut in the city of Talbisah in Homs as well.
There is another operation in the Zabadani area as well. Activists and bloggers from Syria report that there are huge clashes in Daraa between the Syrian Arab army and the Syrian free army. The communications are reportedly cut.
The SNC is trying to save the situation by having calls with the Arab states and LAS in order to have an urgent summit and to activate the economic sanctions. The SNC is calling the Syrians everywhere to protest in front every Syrian embassy in the globe.
The LAS secretary general Nabil El Araby is holding a meeting with US ambassador in Cair Ann Peterson where they will discuss the Syrian revolution issue.
The Syrian TV blames the terrorists , Salafists and foreign mercenaries as usual claiming that the mercenaries are having a fight with the Salafists
Yesterday a terrible footage emerge from Baba Amr area in Homs showing a young boy with a destroyed jaw shocked thousands of internet users in the Arab world. “Warning :Extreme graphic footage”
Homs : A child with destroyed jaw in Baba Amr
Late Hamza
I do not know if that boy will make it or not or has made it or not. Updated: The boy did not make and passed away today. May Allah bless his soul . His name was Hamza
Believe it or not it was not the first time I have seen this horrible scene , I saw it before several months ago in one of the videos emerging from Daraa , I remember it very good. The scene of a man with no jaw bleeding or rather dying after he was shot in his way out of the Friday prayer.
Also Yesterday Youm 7 has published an interesting news today “A member of Syrian National transitional council has met with Hossam Badrawy”. Simply a member of the SNC called Jaber El Shofi met with Hossam Badrawy to get support from Egyptian political powers for the new council and the Syrian revolution. The news goes on and says that Badrawy shared with El Shofi the experience of the Egyptian revolution !!!
Yes Badrawy , the former NDPian leader is giving lessons and advices to the Syrians about the Egyptian revolution of #Jan25 !!
I know that Badrawy was being treated or claimed to be treated like the black sheep in the NDP yet he is still considered a NDP remnant and I do not see any use of that meeting.
On another hand the Syrian protesters arrested after the storming of the Syrian embassy in Garden city were released after paying a LE 2000 bail. “It seems that the Syrian embassy got two buildings , one in Dokki and the other in Garden city”. I have heard that the UNCHR has interfered and this is a big chance that they will not be deported.
Now here is a photo for the Palestinian resistance icon Raed Salah wearing the Syrian flag of independence as a scarf ,  I dedicate this photo to Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah who knows very well who Sheikh Raed Salah is.

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