Monday, February 6, 2012

And there are no gunshots after all !!

The minister of interior Mohamed Ibrahim claimed yesterday in a press conference at his ministry that the CSF and security forces are only using tear gas against the protesters at the ministry of interior and nearby streets.

Ibrahim denied that the security forces were not using gunshots or birdshots despite the evidence mounted in the past days. Today some members of the Egyptian parliament claimed that the ministry of interior did not use gunshots against the protesters based on the statements of the minister of interior who spoke to the

Anyhow here is an evidence in the body of the human rights activist Salma Said who got over 100 birdshots pellets from head to toe in her body !! “Photos by Nazly Hussein and Mosireen Campaign

Salma was filming the clashes when she was shot 3 times , 2 times after she was hit already !!!

Salma Said's Shotgun Wounds

Salma Said's Shotgun Wounds

What about the correspondents of Nile News and Cairo today who got birdshots in their eyes !? What about the young man who passed away last night from two bird shots one in his neck and one in his chest !?

Of course now there is a rumor among the protesters that the ministry of interior is using unofficial birdshot ammunition it bought from arms shops so in any investigation it will be hard to prove that it is the MOI or the central security ammunition !!! It is clever thinking if the MOI began to think in this way. It is worth to mention that as the clashes have started minister Ibrahim requested the general prosecutor  to investigate the clashes at the scene since day one.

I do not want to comment on what happened at the parliament today from disgusting performance which I am not surprised from after further thinking considering the fact those who spoke today in the parliament against the protesters were and are loyal to the ministry of interior. “Whether Bakry or all those so-called Islamist members”

But I will comment on the minister of interior’s statements about how he is totally against harming protesters !! 11 Protesters have been killed so far in the clashes at the ministry since last Friday and over 30 protesters have lost one of their eyes. 3 Protesters have lost both eyes.

Whether you agree or disagree with the protesters at the MOI now , it is unacceptable that people treated like that , it is unfair that young men lose their eyes like that. I did not find a use from these protests at the MOI and I was and am totally against them but I am against the attack on the protesters like that.

There have been attempts by several political figures and members of parliament from the Pro-revolutionary members of parliament to find a true and to calm things down but they have failed so far because the security forces always broke down the truce and even attacked the delegations that tried to create human shield between the protesters and the security forces.

I am waiting for the minister of interior reaction when he sees the photos of Salma Said , in fact I wonder if the police general considers Said a real original revolutionary or not.

By the way now there are clashes not between the protesters and the security forces but rather with thugs , locals and the protesters. Two protesters have reportedly killed so far including a young man who was allegedly thrown from the taxation building by thugs !!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Here is also a vending machine, if Parliament doesn't believe people:

  2. Egypt was great at the time of the pharaoh. The time illiterate, barbaric desert tribes from Arabia conquered it - all was over. it still is. They put a cloth over the heads of women who once ruled Egypt as queens and put a madman's book in hands of Egyptians who once made the pyramids (there is now talk of pyramids bing made by black Africans)


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