Wednesday, February 8, 2012

EU Small arms sale to Egypt in 2011

I found this infograph at one of the Egyptian military Facebook page "Oh yes we began to have tons of this pages and most of them are pro-Egyptian army , we did not used to have them till 2011".
This infograph is about the EU small arms sale to Egypt in 201. These are huge loads of money we spent on arms from January to September 2011. I wonder how the economy was suffering then !?

Click it to read it carefully
France , Germany and Cyprus are on the top of list. France sold to Egypt parts of the ammunitions and parts of arms which in other words mainly to government , arms factories and arms calibars importers. Germany, Cyprus and Italy are among the main exporters of gunshots to Egypt and without doubt the ministry of interior is main importer in Egypt.

We do not know how much we spent in arms we bought from UK or Austria or even type of arms because of confidentiality, I am surprised already of Austria's name in the report in the first place.

Poland deals with the army of course since the 1950s when it comes to military weapons part , we have not got rid from Eastern weaponary and actually strategically speaking when it comes to army , I support the diversification of arms sources aside from local production.

I wonder if the national security committee in the parliament will take this report and investigate it.

It is worth to mention that there is an increase on demand for the small guns among Egyptians especially the wealthy Egyptians who want more protection with the lack of security and can afford buying German guns with its expensive license or even without license in most cases.

In October 2011 I found that the MOI announced the terms and conditions for licensing a gun and strangely I do not feel that they are tough like in the past despite of course you have to be trained and qualified enough in some training center as well to give a good reason for owning a gun other than "I want to defend myself". Interestingly enough then licensing fees are not that expensive. These are the new terms and conditions after the revolution.

Here is also the Egyptian arms and ammunition law that some human rights organizations believe it is unfair , well I do not Egypt to be like the States when it comes to carrying guns because one look to Upper Egypt and the arms problem there tells you need even strong implementation for the law.

You need that license before you buy a gun from legal arms store and to carry it legally.

Before the revolution the price of the gun , the real gun you can buy from arms store like Fathallah can range from LE 3000 to LE 30,000. Now after the revolution with the booming black market supplied from Libya and the lack of secuirty ,prices have dropped as well you can get now a variety of choices from birdshots to automatic guns to AK-47
Believe or not I know someone sells on Facebook electric shock and teasers for people and despite it is a dangerous and illegal it seems that it is a booming business especially in the Women's shopping Facebook pages !!!
I just wonder why nobody made a report in the Egyptian media , a real report about the official trade of arms in Egypt in this year , I will not say the unofficial trade because we know that the unofficial arms trade has hit the ceiling in 2011
Here is another website with outdated numbers of guns' figures in Egypt , I found it interesting. We need more updated numbers.


  1. gun laws appear to be easy to obtain but they are not in order to get your "file" approved you need to basically know someone to push it through or just forget about it will be "processed" for years without you getting a reply; which is why a lot of the small arms are act without license.

    the law might appear simple and straightforward but act its far from it

  2. Guns are a plague. Its not guns who kill people - its people with guns who kill people. US is a basket case. There are more guns than people in the US. Bowling for Columbine.

    Good piece, that shows up the ams exporters. Africa as a whole, has been severely mangled by the arms trade.

  3. Don't be suprised of Austria being in the list. The 9mm Glock is one of the most sought after handguns in the world.

  4. Enti fen ya 7agga Z?

  5. Hi I´m interested in the recent revolution in Egypt. Can I ask you some questions for my school project?
    1. How is daily life in Egypt at the moment?
    2. Have you got more rights and freedom now Mubarak is gone?
    3. Do you use this blog to influence politics?
    4. Do you think social media can or had an influence on the revolution?
    5. How do you see the future for Egypt?
    I would appreciate it a lot if you would answer my questions.
    Many thanks in advance


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