Sunday, February 12, 2012

Apologies from blogger

 I apologize sincerely and honestly and name it for not posting anything on the blog for days now. I have just returned from an amazing small tour in Luxor and Aswan where I had spent 4 days in the amazing Nile with poor Internet access "to be honest I tried to avoid any contact with politics from near or far in these days". The good news is that I got my Aswan and Luxor chronicles with loads and loads of photos and videos "Coming soon insh Allah"

Now after returning to Cairo , I found out that my internet router "TE Data" is completely dead with no power access which means I have to visit the nearest "TE Data" branch to see what the problem is with my router that is still in the warranty !!! 

There are lots of things now I want to speak about but I am stuck as you can see so please forgive me and wait for more chronicles insh Allah.


  1. So, you're going to post your photos of your Louxor and Aswan Tour! ... Finally I have a competition. ... Have you seen the photos I posted recently?

  2. Hamdilla 3al salama, I kept refreshing my phone thinking there must be something wrong with my google reader app if it's telling me no new posts from Zeinobia!


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