Sunday, February 12, 2012

#Studentstrike : At Cairo university "2nd day"

 So I went today to Cairo university "CU" my university today to see what is going there in the strike and amazingly I expected my university is less revolutionary than the Ain Shams university despite its share in the revolution Martyrs and the anti-SCAF graffiti all over its old building anti- SCAF , Ultras and April 6 youth movement graffiti".
Somehow the university seemed to be normal to me when I went , may be things more intense after I had left or it had bee more intense before I went as I expected the university to be less crowded thanks to the image in my mind but I should have known better when it comes to the big number of students in CU .
Cairo university graffiti
Officially this is the second day in the strike as well the second day after the end of the mid term vacation.
The faculty of economy and political sciences " FEPS" is the only faculty in the CU that officially goes on strike for two days in solidarity with the students according to a statement issued by its head on Saturday. The complete staff is joining the students in their strike from what I understood unlike in other faculties in the university. The professors in the FEPS joined the students and a group of them held a lecture this morning to discuss the difference between the strike and civil disobedience to the students. The FEPS students held today a funeral prayer dedicated to the Martyrs as well a protesting stand in their faculty before heading in a march to the CU dome hall chanting anti military rule slogans.

 The English section staff in the faculty of Arts decided to  suspend study for 3 days in solidarity with the decision of the elected student union in the section to go on strike according to Dr. Hala Khalil.
The people's faculty aka the faculty of commerce" the biggest number of students enrolled in a faculty in CU is in CU Arabic section" had its share from the protesting activity despite some of its students I met today seemed to be indifferent to the strike telling me that there were no strikes and that they had two lectures before afternoon already.
The head of the faculty has decided to name the halls of the faculty after the faculty's martyrs in the revolution including those who were killed in the Port Said stadium massacre. " The faculty lost two of its students in this sad massacre"
Faculty of commerce martyrs
I met students in the university who told me that they were not on strike , the lectures are in their time and there is no strike in Cairo university just bunch of marches and protests from time to time.According to some students as well one of the professors I met yesterday Cairo university yesterday the university witnessed more protesting activities compared to today.
Some also told me that some students feared to come because of that media campaign against strike.
There was another protesting march against SCAF  that roamed the university I knew about from twitter , I wish I had seen it. 
Today the 9th of March movement for universities Independence held a silent stand at the staircase of the CU    Dome hall for an hour. Among the participants in the stand were Dr. Mostafa Abdel Galil, Dr.Amina Rashid,Dr.Hala Kamel and Dr.Laila Souief.
And after meeting and speaking with Mona and Alaa Seif , I had a chance to meet with their fantastic mother Dr. Laila Souief , the renowned activist , science professor and one of the founder of the famous 9th of March movement for universities independence. I ask Dr. Souief about the level of participation in the strike among the students and she answered me in a realistic way.
"I can't generalize my judgement on the rest of the university but in my faculty , the faculty of Sciences there is no study in the first week after the midterm vacation.Students only register for their second semester courses this week thus their attendance is weak normally"
Dr.Laila debating
I think who ever planned for this strike , he should not have chosen this date of February 11th and that week right after the midterm vacation , it would have been better to wait for the second week so the university students attendance would be organized thus we would know better if the students are on strike or not.
This was CU as I have seen it today. 

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