Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hala Misrati is alive and kicking ‘’Not that much”

News came from Libya in the past 24 hours that infamous and notorious Libyan TV personality Hala Misrati has been killed in her prison. Well guess what it is a rumor and here is the former Queen of Libyan TV alive and kicking.

Hala Misrati denies the news of her murder on February 19th,2012

Hala is denying in this video that she was killing adding that she was and is being treated well by the revolutionaries like any other Libyan sister.

Misrati won international fame with her crazy attack on the revolutionaries and freedom forces and her support to Qaddafi regime.

To be honest I am relieved that she is still alive because if she were killed  , this would be a bad omen on the progress of the Libyan revolution that is still facing a lot of challenges.


  1. There was nothing crazy about her reaction, I believe. It is what any reasonable person would do when their country is being taken over by a gang of NATO mercenaries spearheaded by our Western media lies.

    If you are relieved by the news that she is alive, I hope that the opposite is true when it comes to the Libyan black people who were murdered, persecuted and humiliated by these so-called rebels.

    1. I hope hala is still alive if she is not alive, then there is no hope for Libya, and most western people view it as a very dangerous country, just as Iraq, we know there is now no freedom to be anti the new nato backed government there I very much doubt if Libya, which seems full of killers will recover at all it may take it 700 years or 2,000..the Future is very Grim indeed For all Friend of Mid east4Woman rights.

  2. Well said, Germán.

    Before the war, Libya was placed at # 53 in the UN Human Development Index, in the category "High Human Development", well above world average:

    It had the highest life expectancy and lowest child mortality rate in all Africa according to UN statistics, and the incarceration rate was many times lower than that of the USA. Medical care, education and electricity were free, and there was a substantial housing benefit for the newly married, among other things.

    Now the country is in the hands of Al-Qaida and radical Islamists, and murder and torture are widespread, as the recent Amnesty report shows:

    Doctors Without Borders stopped operating in Benghazi, as the same patients kept coming back after new torture sessions:

    And the real genocide was happening during the war and continues to happen under the rebel regime, with the massacres of sub-Saharan immigrant workers as "Gaddafi mercenaries" as per Western war propaganda. For example, the city of Tawergha was ethnically cleansed of black residents. But of course, old colonial powers like France couldn't care less as long as their interests are secured.

    And yes, the war started as a violent uprising in which the rebels, including Al-Qaida fighters (the arch-enemy of the Libyan government) and members of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, stormed police stations and army barracks in different cities in Libya:

    In just a few days, they had acquired a large number of different weapons, including heavy weaponry like tanks, and in a week they had more weapons than Libya's neighbouring countries. It was this armed rebellion that the Libyan government was fighting against, while the West in its colonial greed took the opportunity to side with the rebels based on lies not unlike those used as legitimations for many earlier wars.

  3. They raped her, made her pregnant, then killed her to get away with rape, add murder on top of that, and now trying to deny it.. This is the second TV presenter murdered, tortured and raped by the "Mercenaries of Kufar" and here Egyptians trying to support the bunch of Kufar who destroyed Libya.

    Thanks for your support Egypt, thanks alot for your support against the Kufar, I'm getting sick of Muslims supporting the colonialist attacks and supporting widespread suffering and misery in Muslim lands.

    1. Excuse me , she is alive for God sake , did you see the video and hear her video ? It is her !!
      Oh God

  4. Prisoners - all prisoners are powerless and at the mercy of their captors and should be treated respectfully. To abuse a powerless human being is the lowest action.

  5. @Khamis Kufar? Hahahaha.It's impossible to satirize you, rage boy, because you are already a joke. Plus, yeah, like Zeinobia said, she's not dead. Moron.

    @Pirooz Jails are inhuman. All prisoners must be released immediately and be paid full compensation for the inconvenience the fascist courts imposed on them. They didn't do anything wrong, they were just a bit down on their luck.

  6. I'm so glad to see that finally people are speaking out against the barbaric, backwards gangs that were installed by NATO to tame Libya, the Arab world's most radicalized, empowered and sophisticated countries.

    Look on youtube. It's easy to find sick, twisted videos of teenage boys with AK-47s getting off on videotaping themselves watching videos of Hala being abused while in custody, all the while invoking the name of God. It's grotesque but it should remind everyone the level of horror the US has been inflicting, militarily, for some time.

    A global internet movement is shaping up under the name of a real-life martyr that apparently touched people the world over. I'll post a URL here later today. beit beit -- dar dar -- zenga zenga ...

  7. USA has so much to answer for. So sad that USA greed is destroying our chances at world peace, much the same as nazi Germany.


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