Sunday, February 19, 2012

#Syrian Revolution : Egypt recalls the ambassador in Damascus

According to ambassador Amr Rushdie , the official spokesperson says that this decision is for the sake of the Syrian people adding that Egypt did not take this decision before because of
Ambassador Rushdie hopes that this will not affect the Egyptian labor in Syria.
It is worth to mention that the People’s assembly is going to discuss today the decision to expel the Syrian ambassador from Cairo. The speaker of people’s assembly has slammed the Syrian regime and said that many MPs presented requests to expel the ambassador and to cut the relations with the El Assad regime because of its massacres against the civilians.
The People’s assembly has cut its relations with the Syrian parliament. The People’s assembly will allow the Arabic relations committee to present its report about Syrian and its recommendations regarding the Syrian revolution.
MP Mamdouh Ismail says that he was being told by the FM’s aide last Friday that the ministry of foreign affairs want the support of the people’s assembly to kick the Syrian ambassador !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “Since when !?”
It is worth to mention that many of the Islamists MPs are calling for more support to the Syrian revolution against the devilish plans of Shiite Iranian supported regime !!  I do not like this sectarian language and actually I wonder where these MPs are from what is happening in Bahrain.
Some observers considered the shift in the Egyptian position is due the fact that protests have began to spread in Damascus.
Most if not all the GCC states have pulled its ambassadors from Damascus in the past few months. Tunisia has recalled its ambassador and expelled the Syrian ambassador as well.
Now after couple of hours from the decision of the ministry of foreign affairs ,  Damascus has recalled its ambassador after the Egyptian decision.
Moving to the updates in Syria well people are injured and killed as usual like everyday.
The good news of the day is that Razan Ghazzawi and her colleagues arrested from coupe of days ago in Damascus have been released today but unfortunately they are banned from leaving Syria.

The attorney general of Idlib has been assassinated today in the city , of course SANA has called that the terrorists “we do not know who they are up till this moment” have assassinated him along another judge in the city.
The clashes and protests have reached to Damascus , which means an important escalation in the Syrian revolution. Today there have been reportedly clashes in the Barza district in Damascus between protesters and security forces. There is also reportedly a full scale strike in the Barza district where all shops and companies are closed there.
On the same time the protests rate in Damascus began to catch up with the rests of the Syrian towns , there is distributing unconfirmed news that the security forces in Syria are threatening the villages surrounding Jisr Ash Shugur city in Idlib .
Moving to Homs , well there is the usual shelling of Baba Amr while tweeps from Homs are saying that telecommunications and electricity are still being cut for hours.
Today the security forces cut the water supply but heavens had another plans as it rained there.
Tweep Mulham Jundi says that the city of Homs needs more doctors in the field hospitals as well supplies in everything you can imagine in the city. Jundi says that there is barely any communication in Homs asking for internet Satellite, already I do not know how this can be smuggled to the city if it is besieged.
Jundi also says that 80% of Homs city is liberated , I am trying to get more information from him.  

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