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#Jan25 : Little Revolutionary art “Updated”

“ I was planning to post this as part of my coverage #Jan25 first anniversary but I had to postponed for some reasons above them is that I am lazy !!Anyhow I hope that you complete reading the post till the end because I have updated today”
#Jan25 has been so inspirational for young generations in Egypt especially when it comes to Arts whether it is music or poetry or literature graffiti art or just paintings , it is like a new horizon opened after years of poor inspiration.
I was stopped in last January 25th revolution anniversary in Tahrir square with these two Tahrir square exhibitions :
The one at the Egyptian museum which was set up by the Youth of the Egyptian museum. It presented murals showing the martyrs as well expressive drawings
and the one at the KFC Tahrir branch. The KFC art exhibition was more revolutionary honoring the martyrs and attacking the security forces , SCAF as well the media with its paintings that were made by arts students.
Here is a small set of photos from there

#Jan25 One year later art
#Jan25: The KFC Arts exhibition
I do not need to speak about Graffiti after the revolution in Egypt.

Updated :

It is worth to mention that in the past week a center has been inaugurated in Cairo specialized for teaching Graffiti art. This little project is called “7etan or Hetan aka Walls” , it is like a graffiti house for all the young Revolution artists. It is idea of follow blogger Sandmonkey aka Mahmoud Salem and graffiti artist Mohamed El Moshir. It is in Downtown @ 17 Gawad Hosni street.
Here are the #7etan boys and girls cleaning the place for their own school by @Mo_Rina

Of course personally sometimes I feel we should have less repeated political graffiti and more beautiful murals about Egypt and Egyptians from time to time. Already during my visit to Luxor and Aswan , I love these colored murals on the houses whether the Nubian murals or the Upper Egyptian murals commemorating the Pilgrimage.  
I do not like the use of foreign symbols in graffiti paintings in Egypt because simply the public will not understand these symbols and they will not catch their attention unlike the Egyptian symbols or icons , I loved that late Hend Rostam’s graffiti about Mubarak in Sharm Sheikh.

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  1. Portraits of Ahly Ultra martyrs painted on the wall of their club in 6 October have been wiped out and replaced with the names of God instead...


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