Friday, February 17, 2012

Leave Anas’ Father alone

Anas Mohi El-Din is the youngest martyr killed in the Port Said stadium massacre , his beautiful face and shabby smile broke the hearts of millions in Egypt especially after knowing how he was killed. He is the last martyr to be featured in graffiti painting all over Cairo and Giza.
His father Mohi El Din Abdel Rahman had appeared on TV last week , in a sports TV show on Dream TV channel where he slammed April 6th Youth movement accusing them of using his son’s murder for their political agenda.
The grieving father accused the movement of using his son’s memorial service to distribute political pamphlets. “I do not know if this is true or not but if it were true and I were Anas’ father or mother , I would be extreme furious
The man who called the movement “6th Iblis aka 6th Satan” like their opponents wondering about their funding. The angry man even wondered why no one from April 6th Youth movement has been killed in any of the previous clashes in Egypt. Of course the grieving man does not that there were  young men from the movement , from both fronts who were killed  in the past year.
Late Anas with his beautiful smile
The statements of Anas’ dad were shocking to the revolutionary class in Egypt and victory to the Pro-Mubarak supporters as well the Pro-SCAF class. It was a matter of time that “Ana Asaf Ya Rayes” infamous Pro-Mubarak FB page has published the video and it was shared . There is no doubt many people will believe a grieving father more quickly than 100 statements from SCAF. 
From its side the April 6th Youth Movement “Ahmed Maher’s movement” fired back at Anas’father  in a sad blaming statement it issued on its official website asking God to forgive him assuring that they understand what he has been through. “I highly doubt that any of the activists know what Mr. Mohi El-Din and his wife have been through except the usual big slogans of so-called anger and retribution”
Now what shocked me are not the statements of Mr. Mohi El Din or the statements of April 6th Youth movement but what shocked me how the man was attacked , slammed and insulted on twitter by young tweeps who do not want to consider what he is currently feeling.
I got extreme angry tweets on that day from people who are attacking Anas’ father.
Anas was a great kid but his dad is son of bit*h
Anas’ dad seems to be a big Mubarak regime remnant, the guy is using his son’s death to attack the revolution !!
Just look to the comments at Badil.Net website
You are using your son’s death !!
Tantawy paid this man to say this !!
I can’t believe or understand that some people dare to think that they love or care for Anas more than his father does !!! I can’t believe how that stupid prejudice makes us blind on seeing the most essential life facts. Not all the people in Egypt support the revolution and most of them are non-politicized for God sake.
Psychological speaking this man can be in a denial status now for what happened in his son, it will take some time till he calms down. Yes he seems to disrespect April 6th Youth movement , well guess what not all Egyptians support them and I believe that does not make them less Egyptian or bad Egyptian regardless of the media role here.
Prejudice and arrogance that make some tweeps who have never seen or known Anas as a human think for one moment as humans and not as revolutionaries. Mohi El Din Abdel Rahman was the man who held Anas as a baby moments after his birth and he was the same man that did not know that his son had gone to Port Said to attend a football match except when he was informed that his son was killed there and he should recognize his body at the morgue !!!!
I do not care if he like April 6th Youth movement or not , I do not care what he thinks now because I know there is a fire inside nobody can feel it except him and Anas’ poor mother. All what I asking is a little consideration because to be honest I am tired of alienating people ,I am tired of the inconsideration that we are dealing with a population of 85 million Egyptians. We are taking for granted that 85 million Egyptians are with us while in this particular stage not all of them are.
If Mohi El Din Abdel Rahman came out in the media and slammed SCAF , he would be the darling of that group of radical revolutionary. This is a side fact I have to highlight.
In the end after a year or even less , Anas Mohi El-Din will be forgotten by all the people except his family and his father , he will be just a graffiti and a name used to remind the people by Port Said massacre only but not as a human.
I do not care if Mr. Mohi El Din is with the revolution or against , whether he is a Mubarak supporter or loves SCAF, I do not care because I know that he will remember Anas forever more than on these tweeps and commentators.

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  1. As a grieving father, Mohi El Din Abdel Rahman doesn't need to slam neither SCAF nor 6th April. It is enough to focus on his son instead of entering muddy politics. Sadly now he appears guilty by the same accusations directed to 6th April movement.


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