Thursday, February 16, 2012

#Syrian Revolution : #FreeRazan is used once again !!

Blogger and human rights activist Razan El Ghazzawi aka Red Razan has been arrested yet again by Syrian regime authorities from short awhile ago along with 12 human rights activists working the one of the Freedom of expression human rights center.
Among the names of the rest of the human rights activists : Mazan Darwish and his wife Yara Badr , Mohi El Din Eisso.
This is the second time El Ghazzawi is being arrested in Syria. The Syrian American activist was arrested for several days last year.
Here is the last tweet by Razan from 3 days ago in Damascus.
Nadine Ghazzawi ,her sister is on twitter , you can follow her for more updates.
Now according the Local coordination committees in Syria 40 Syrians have been killed so far in Syria. The City of Bloudan was shelled today by El Assad’s Syrian Arab army because its people reportedly opened their houses to refugees from Zabadani and Madaya in Reef Dimshaq.
On the other hand Bambuser has reported that it was blocked in Syria as users there can’t got access or use the video live streaming app through 3G anymore in the country.
Bambuser is from the famous apps used in Syria if we speak about the popularity of Social media apps. It was not used in Egypt in those 18 days like in Syria because simply there is a media blackout. TV channels like Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya news channels use Bambuser to get live broadcast from different Syrian villages and towns
Al Arabiya channel reported today in its twitter account that it is being jammed all day long.
And the UN general Secretary warns of possible crimes against humanity in Syria !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Possible !!! It is not possible anymore ya Pasha !!!!!!!!!!!!
According to the human rights activists in Syria 8,314 Syrians have been killed so far including 537 child and 468 woman not to mention 418 killed under torture !!! All this and we are speaking about possible crimes !!!!!!!
Over 35,000 are reportedly injured and over 65,000 are missing and we are speaking about possible crimes against Humanity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And this is just the beginning. More updates to come.

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