Saturday, February 18, 2012

#Libya One year later : It is the beginning of long road

From a year ago the Libyan people began to revolt against the oldest and the craziest dictator in the Arab world crazy Qaddafi not only to restore their freedom but to restore their dignity as well. No country in the Arab world has paid a heavy price for getting rid its dictator like Libya , of course Syria is on its way still after one year it has reached the Libyan status !!!
The Libyans have to be happy and celebrate after one year of months of agony. Andy Carvin went to Benghazi and took these photos showing the Libyans celebrating in the street with their revolution. “Follow Andy on twitter
Andy Carvin : Libya 2012
Now after one year Libya is promised with even more  challenges than forever , who said that getting from a dictator means the ends of Libya’s problems.Libya is the new Gulf State of Africa , tons of oil , money and small population in a new middle East forming rights in front of us.
Our dear Libyans are now facing several tests , the most important test of them is the unity of Libyan nation when you have officially now armed militias in tribal society.
The Libyans need one strong army and the disarming of all the militias in the country. Of course the West did not waste anytime in reportedly destroying whatever rocket arsenal the Libyans have got from the Qaddafi era. Of course the militias “With Islamist background” in Libya teach us on how the West can put the past behind its back when it wants to reach to to something.
Conservatism or rather radicalism is another challenge facing the Libyans whom I know had enough from Qaddafi’s social theories but Libyan women have their right to build their country.
The the economic test is another challenge with all companies and countries are dying to get a piece of the new cake.
Of course speaking about Libya I can’t ignore what happened in Benghazi from two week ago when the authorities there destroyed the statue of late President Nasser of Egypt.
Benghazi : Bringing the statue of Gamal Abdel Nasser
Now I do understand that the Libyans are angry and trying to get rid from all the traces of Qaddafi in their country , I do understand that they will not forget easily how Nasser supported that crazy young dictator and his coup and how Qaddafi considered himself the real heir of Nasser legacy but I am so concerned about this move.
I do not defend Nasser as his loyal followers are already doing their job and cursing the agents of NATO and the West in Benghazi !!
Destroying the remains of the statue "Reuters"
The cartoon of Qaddafi over the statue
 That statue was place in a street called Abdel Nasser , now the street's name is changed to Abdel Fatah Younis, the late commander assassinated last year.
It is worth to mention that the I noticed some Libyans on YouTube and Facebook are using the word “Idol” to describe the statue , “Idol” word is usually used by religious conservatives in Egypt to describe the statues.
I am concerned like many Egyptians about the significance of this move and its impact on the Egyptian Libyan relations especially that I began to notice some anti-Egyptian sentiments on the comments of the Facebook. Already I am wondering if the militias will attack the Italian companies in the country with their old relations with Qaddafi.
Anyhow I really wish Libya all the success in its revolution sincerely because aside from all the Arab/Islamic brotherhood feelings , Libya is part of Egypt’s national security. We all must understand this and we all must in Cairo act accordingly.

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  1. "Libya is the new Gulf State of Africa"

    Exactly. I hope they come up a legislation that also protects the immigrant workers. Look at the Qatar as an example:

    "To every ten Qataris, there are, approximately:

    10 Indians
    10 Pakistanis
    10 non-Qatari Arabs (Egypt, Palestine, Jordan)
    5 Iranians
    5 Others"

    - Qatar Demographics - a worsening social problem in Qatar

    They have all the resources, but this kind of demographics where citizens of the country are minority will lead to severe neglect of human rights including worker rights.

    This is not a wide scale problem in Libya yet... But it could be, they have all the resources to buy their workforce from Egypt for instance.


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