Tuesday, February 28, 2012

#Siwa is on Fire

And Siwa is on fire , oh yes it turned out that there has been a fire in the beautiful faraway oasis since afternoon and the firefighters could not put out that up till now.
The fire started at all one of the farms in a village called Manshadat and thanks to the strong dust winds we are having today across the country the fire spread. The firefighters failed to put out the fire. It has already destroyed more than 30 acres.
The fire as capture from several hours "Twitter"
According to the reports coming there not less than 2200 palm trees have been destroyed in the fire. The army has evacuated two villages from the families as the fire is reportedly advancing towards these villages.
There are fire engines heading from Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh to Siwa , this is a long way there. The army sent 4 helicopters and one C130 aircraft to be used in putting out the fire but they won’t be able to use them because of the weather conditions. I hate to remind the army with its rapid reaction on the fire of Shura council and Haifa’s fires as well as no reaction to the Scientific institute !!! 
Still the governor of Marsa Matrouh and the commander of the Eastern zone are saying that everything is fine and the fire in under control partially !! Unsurprisingly the citizens say that things are not under control , actually the wind speed is slower than earlier and thus the fire is not spreading rapidly like from two couples ago. A journalist working in Al Gomhouria spoke on TV saying that the police has disappeared from the scene and the people, the locals are actually the ones who are putting out the fire.
Some websites are saying now that the fire may be got to do with some conflicts between two farmers !! I do not know as it is too early to know the real reason of the fire.
If we got strong dust winds in Cairo then in Siwa we will have a dust storm so it is logic that the fire spread so rapidly because of the strong wind and the firefighters find difficulty to put it down.
Here is a video capturing the fire earlier today.
#Siwa : The fire in farms
According to official sources there are no human casualties so far.
I will post more photos and videos emerging from there.
Here is a photo showing the fire allegedly in its start.
Here is another photo from the fire. This photo is allegedly taken at 9 PM.
Marsa Matrouh activist Ayman Shawky is saying that the army was already having this campaign against arms smugglers for several days now and this may be the action of the smugglers.
Still I trust Writer Rawah Badrawi  who spoke with the people there all night long and she is saying that things now are under control for real. The locals in Siwa told her that it was feud between two families.
Badrawi wrote a book about the Legends and life style in the amazing Siwa Oasis. 


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