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#Syrian Revolution : It is complicated “1”

I consider Syria as my country , it is not my second country as it is the extension of Egypt in the North , many Egyptians believe that and many Syrians believe that also. Some will say that this is part of the Nasserite legacy and short UAR experience , well I think this is the from the few good things we are inherited the Nasserite legacy then.

Speaking from political views , since Ancient times Egyptians considered Syria as part of our national security , our security in Egypt starts from the Tartus mounts.So when I speak about Syria and its people , I speak about people. For the past months I have been covering the Syrian revolution’s news without reflecting all my thoughts, I think I will take time some of your time and reflect them now as matters develop rapidly whether inside or outside Syria.

Stuck in the middle

What is taking place in Syria now is not good after all those months of deliberate delay to save the Syrian nation from the the El Assad. This deliberate delay was intended by the international community mainly in the West aka the US administration to give El Assad all the time in the world to crack down this uprising that turned in to a revolution and at the same time to have enough time to plan for the new middle east map with all its changes. Again Israel does not want El Assad to go , after all for more than 30 years El Assads did not really want to restore the Golan. The fall of Mubarak and what followed it from protests in the middle east that either turned in to full revolutions or promising uprisings changed a lot of plans when it comes to the Middle East.

Of course the game is more complicated than just an uprising turned in to a revolution as Syria unfortunately is now the playground of a new battle between the current world powers whether between the US and Russia&China axis or between the Gulf and Iran.

I think what happened in the Arab world was not unexpected for the States and Russia , thus both powers spent all those months planning as another battle in their new world power war. Already Russia lost in Libya and it can’t tolerate its old alley in the region aka Syria. Unlike Egypt the Syrian Russian relations have been more stronger. It is enough that the Russians used to sell more advanced weaponry to the Syrians unlike Egypt in 1960s and 1970s according to Late General Abdel Ghanai El Gamsy.

Unfortunately Egypt now is no in power or position even to take the right decision and to help our brothers and sisters in Syria as it should in the right way to preserve its unity and to preserve its true national security which is ours as well.. The Gulf is taking the lead now not for the sake of the Syrians but rather because countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar “God knows its true intention” are using Syria as to their own revenge from Qatar and its support to the Uprising in Bahrain.

They do not care for democracy or people dying , they care for their interests only.

Turning the conflict in to a confrontation between Sunni and Shiite

I have been following the protests in Syria since day and I do not like how the conflict is turning in to another confrontation between the Sunni and Shiite thanks to the Arab sectarian media and the growing influence of the Salafists. The Syrians already are disturbed with this sectarian nature because they also fear that it will affect their youth. It is worth mention that the Syrians for months used to name every Friday after a Syrian symbol or word that represents the diversity of Syrian society to stress on the unity of the country like The Saleh al-Ali Friday and Azadi Friday.

There is no doubt that for decades the Sunni majority was marginalized because of the Baath party , a sectarian dictatorship party than a Shiite party or rather Alawi sect party to be accurate. The mini-war between the Muslim brotherhood and El Assad regime with El Baath concepts to marginalize the religious beliefs then the close Iranian Syrian relations in the recent years created tensions for sure and feeling of old oppression…but. But I do not want another Iraq , I do not want another semi-country.

You must know that the minorities in Syria after participating strongly in the past months in the protests are now concerned with their safety in Pre-Assad Syria. The Christian Syrians fear the same fate of the Christians in Iraq and yet they are helping the cities under attack and they are also being attacked by El Assad regime.

Several Syrian Shiite icons from writers and artists declared their support to the revolution like Fadwa Soliman who stood bravely for months before any Salafist Sheikh cared about the Syrian revolution in Egypt.

One Egyptian tweep told me to mention how many Christians , Shiites and Kurds have been killed so far in the country. A Salafist MP in the Egyptian parliament attacked Bashar El Assad from two weeks ago and described him as the criminal Shiite. This is only in Egypt ,the moderate Egypt so you can imagine the

I fear that the Gulf support to the revolution will export sectarianism to Syria and ironically history Syria knew the meaning of diversity , democracy and even the meaning of political life before the Gulf states got its independence. I do not mean any insult but this is a fact.

Syria is another unique country with its diversity of religions , ethnics and history I fear on it just like I fear on my country. I do not want another Iraq in the region.

The US is playing with fire once again by pushing this Sunni Vs. Shiite thing to get rid from Iran.

SNC : Questions marks

I do not like people when they think that the revolutions got catalogues and what was successful in one country will be successful in another country. I did not have high hopes for the SNC aka Syrian national council when it was announced for two reasons. The first reason is that  I felt it was an imitation of the NTC in Libya and what it is good for Libya with its circumstances can’t be good for Syria with its circumstances. The second reason is that I know the Syrian opposition in Syria is even more weaker than the opposition in Egypt. There are a lot of question marks about some of the members in the SNC as well a lot of question marks about their popularity for real in Syria itself away from the social media impact because one thing I learned about Egypt real world and the majority of the people are something and social media is another thing.

Part two will be the Syrian Free army and the Syrian army ISA.

Again these are the thoughts of someone concerned about Syria , someone who can’t bear more children killed by corrupted regime , someone who wishes to see a strong free democratic united Syria that will complete the second half of Egypt.


  1. @Zeinobia "I consider Syria as my country"

    Mohamed El Naschie often expresses exactly the same sentiment.

    What about Israel and the Palestinian Territories which separate Egypt from Syria. Do you think of those also as Egyptian?

    1. You will never understand as you are not Egyptian , it is something between us and the Syrians so I do not need smart ass comments

  2. It doesn't matter what Israel or US want. You say they like Assad. So what actions are they taking to help Assad. What should they be doing to prove that they don't like him?

    We know what China & Russia & Iran are doing for Assad but you don't make sense when you say Israel doesn't want Assad to go. If they really wanted him around wouldn't they be giving him concrete assistance, as they are so powerful.

    Sorry but this just sounds like the usual Anti- West, Anti-Israel instinct. Not very realistic.
    I know these are just your thoughts, if anything goes wrong in the world or MENA it is the West or the Jews. Not very serious analysis. What are Egyptians going to do to fix Egypt? To help Syria. To stop Assad killing more. To prevent a sectarian bloodbath.

    1. Well we are doing what can we do in our circumstances in Egypt

    2. I don't say never criticise US, Israel or the West. I only say in the case of Syria its ridiculous to say either country support Assad but not to point to Chinas very obvious defense of his dictatorship.

      Mr. Bush has made it difficult to assure Arabs/Muslims that the US can ever be trusted to do the right thing, I understand that but if he has been gone 4yrs why are Iraquis still blowing up Iraquis? These are muslims placing bombs that kill muslims. Don't you think its time these Arabs stopped killing fellow Arabs?

      I am sure if they decided to stop killing each other there is nothing Israel or the US could do to force them to carry on. But you see they are not stopping nor is Assad, so things must be more complex than you make out.

      Its very difficult to solve any problems if you blame others for your own failings because then the solution appears to lie outside your own hands. This contradicts the whole essence of the Arab Spring that the solutions are very well within the hands of people themselves. Which is still the most important achievement of the Arab Spring.

    3. well... any external intervention in any form causes civil war.... y werent iraqis bombing iraqis before saddam or before the us-iraq war?

  3. Share your respect, honour and support for victims of the Syrian revolution @

  4. Thank you for all the content you provide about the arabic spring. I am from Austria (Vienna) and appreciate the insights a lot.

  5. It is up to the League of Arab States to take military action against Syria or at least provide the people with arms, supplies and military expertise because the US, EU and the rest of the world are being vetoed by Russia and China.
    Unfortunately Arab countries are full of hot air and talk but no action.
    Please do not refer to Jason as 'smart ass' as he is not smart!

  6. My darling Z, you know that i read your chronicles on a daily basis and i love you to death for what you are doing wich is extremely important.

    Just have one reservation on what u wrote today:"Israel does not want El Assad to go , after all for more than 30 years El Assads did not really want to restore the Golan".

    i wouldn't give it so much attention if i didnt hear this wrong assumption for so many times all ready and from very smart arab friends.

    i can assure you in 100% that the official israel and the unofficial israel are both (for a change) against the Assad regime and not only that the IDF, Gov and other intelligence bodies were absolutely sure that it will take a shorter time till the collapse of his regime. in all the inner estimation not even imagine that he'll survive so long.

    There's nothing that the official israel want more then the collapse of the Iranian-Syrian-Hizballah-Hamas axle. Assad regime was the linkage between Iran and its proxies. The more advanced situation in Syria As u could see half of Hamas turned to Qatar and half of it turned to Egypt. Hezbollah will fall slowly or will have to find an alternative.

    But this isn't my concern. What concerns me is from where this confidence and certainty about Israel's desires . no one wants Israel to interfere in Egy interior issues or Jordan interior issues or even Lebanon interior issues but israel need to interfere in Syria's interior issues why???? 22 countries of the Arab League are not capable to assist. 57 countries of the OIC are not capable to bring change in Syria. 27 countries of the EU dont assist Syria, but ISRAEL, common Z ?? you dont truly believe that the reason why it takes so long to Assads regime to collapse Is Israel's desires


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