Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hey Admin , Focus on Friedman’s views about Iraq as they were more shocking please !!

The admin of SCAF official FB page has found a new target to attack aside from April 6th Youth movement , The Revolutionary Socialists , the Students of AUC and MP Ziad Elliemy , the admin of SCAF is attacking the famous NY Times columnist and so-called Mideast expert Thomas Friedman.
In a letter to Friedman written in Arabic titled “To Thomas Friedman, my regards” the enigmatic personality administrating the SCAF official page slammed Friedman accusing him of kissing Mubarak’s ass  after Friedman’s Op-ed from couple of days ago “Egypt’s step backward”.
In “Egypt’s step backward” Friedman attacked minister of international cooperation Faiza Abu El Naga and SCAF because of the NGOs trial reminding us with the bad economic status of Egypt. I do not like Friedman or his views or his Op-ed as usual but we have to say the truth that he did not mention the Muslim brotherhood at all or Field Marshal Hussein and co. directly in his unneeded Op-ed like what the Mr.Admin has claimed.
It is worth to mention that MENA published a report last week calming that Friedman was praising Abu El Naga !! I think they pulled it back.
Anyhow following the Egyptian style in any verbal fight , the admin listed the shameful history of Friedman in praising Mubarak and his son Gamal. Still despite the admin and his team made an amazing effort in listing the Op-eds of Friedman had written about Mubarak and son in the past year by date , there were shameful disgusting mistakes.
Friedman in Meet the press
The admin mentioned that Friedman praised Mubarak in his Op-ed “In the Land of Denial” on June 5th ,2002 for his support to the States in the war on terrorism and his views towards Israel. Indeed Friedman praised Mubarak in that Op-ed but he criticized the lack of democracy in the country as well in the same Op-ed.
The admin claimed that Friedman said that he did not mind having Gamal Mubarak as a president in his Op-ed “ Holding up reform in the Arab world” published on December 16th 2004, well unfortunately Friedman was quoting his Egyptian friend and her view about Gamal Mubarak as long as he were elected as GW Bush.
The admin claimed that Friedman said that the Arabs did not enjoy any civilization that would allow them to have a revolution in his infamous Op-ed “This is just the start”. I hate to say but Friedman did that stupid comparison between Egypt and China and reached to the conclusion that the Beijing Olympics was among things that triggered the revolution in Egypt !!!!!! Of course I can’t mention Friedman’s gem and can’t ignore Sarah Carr’s historical post about it.
Now the admin looks so bad because he did not only focus on wrong material but he intentionally or even unintentionally misquoted Friedman and put words on his tongue he did not say.
If the admin wanted to hit Friedman hard , I think he should have focused on his Pro-Iraq invasion or his Pro-Zionist Israeli views or even he could translate correctly his master piece “This is just the start”.
The only thing good mentioned in that letter was the recognition of the admin of SCAF official FB that the EGYPTIAN REVOLUTION WAS 100% EGYPTIAN.
Officially this page does not represent the views or the statements of SCAF , SCAF statements and views are represented in its official FB page. Still it is worth to mention that SCAF page likes the admin’s page.
Masrawy website claimed that it knew from security sources the person who is sharing thoughts in the Admin of the official SCAF FB page is actually a major working in the military intelligence.
According to reliable source I know the admin is actually a famous nationalist/royalist journalist and writer “at the same time”. I will not be surprised if he was the man.
It is worth to mention last year it was know that the official SCAF FB page was following the Morale department in the ministry of defense.
The admin of SCAF FB page whether he is a famous journalist with a big ego or just a major in the military intelligence still thinks in the 1960s mindset that the people in Egypt are living in a bubble and we do not know how to read English. He believes that we are still living in a pre-Internet age without doubt.
I feel that I am defending Friedman but I am not , I am standing here for the truth which sometimes is ignored by both Friedman and the admin of SCAF page.
Regarding the NGOs trial , well I heard from several sources that sooner it will be solved peacefully somehow in the upcoming days !!

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  1. If nothing is done to stimulate the crumbling economy, Egypt will implode and fall into the hands of another dictatorship.


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