Friday, March 30, 2012

#Ultras : It is their Strike , their rules

Ultras rules by Mona Seif
Many girls form the Egyptian protesters class and many feminists are angry from Al Ahly Ultras groups , oh yes they are so angry.
Ahly Ultras is having this sit in at the Parliament for nearly 5 days and that sit in unlike any other sits in this area has witnessed , it has very unique rules.
The rules are as follow : girls are not allowed in the sit in after 10 PM , No girl is allowed to smoke inside the sit in , No girl is allow to stay over in the sit , No girl is allowed . There are also another rules.
They hanged a big banner with these rules saying that despite respect to the individual freedom yet they respect the Egyptian society values and traditions.
The Ultras justified its rules that they learned from the other sits in’s mistakes.They do care about the image in the society whether you consider hypocrisy or not because they had enough of being defamed in the media for years and appearing as football crazy druggie hooligans.
Misogynist , indeed it is. Ultras movement is misogynist , no girls are allowed to join it in the first place. The members of Ultras groups are actually a reflection of the Egyptian society with its different background and classes , they are not liberal or leftist progressive movement for God sake as some believe. They are simply a football fan group that has been dragged to politics in very unusual circumstances.
Ultras big puppets parade 
Well unfortunately our dear ladies are making the same mistake of the Egyptian  protesting class that thinking all the society is like them and whoever protests against SCAF or the government in Tahrir share the same social and political views like them. Already I feel not only the protesting class does this mistake but also all other political forces in the country does it , taking people for granted !! The leftists think that the they will get the working class vote and yet most of the working class vote in the country goes to the Islamists. 
Anyhow sometimes I feel that we are using the Ultras because they know how to kick the security's ass and yet we do not want to think for once about their unique rules that made them a powerful subculture in our Egyptian society.
The Ultras Sit in by Mosaab El Shimi
I head enough from comments on twitter like “I blame the Ultras , I am sad from their position …etc.” to the big “screw them” because honestly it is nothing when I remember all those boys killed in Port Said in a football match , it is nothing when I remember all the sacrifices these boys have presented for Egypt in their young age. The Ultras boys have grown up and showed maturity in their young age after that massacre without doubt.
You can imagine how our lady activists who participated in almost all the sits and protests are extremely angry in front of these rules. Some of the activists have already criticized and decided to boycott the sit in “as if the sit in needs them to succeed”
This is not a feminist crusade to change the society’s values , this is not a feminist sit in , it is an Ultras sit in.
It is their sit in and these are their rules , they do not need our help as much we should be very thankful that they are insisting on their demands.
Again it is their sit in and these are their rules.
The Ultras sit in demands : A trial for Port Said massacre and those behind it , Purging the ministry of interior , more penalties against Al Masry club. 


  1. Thank you , I am really glad that you highlight such a problem , yes we take things for granted and sometimes we can't see beyond the current scene , it's clear that we are different and we should respect that instead of fighting the facts , let them put their rules and let us follow " because they deserve that from us "

  2. It's their sit in and their rules and the women should appreciate that the Ultras are safeguarding the women who might be attacked by thugs at night.

    I say good for the Ultras. Showing maturity and common sense.


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