Sunday, April 15, 2012

Another stage from the Wackiest Race in town ever !!

Things in Cairo are developing so fast in a way that you do not have time to process and analyze everything , we are speaking about a political scene that is changing not every 12 hours but every 24 hours.
Late last night the High Presidential elections committee announced from several hours ago in Cairo that it has excluded 10 potential presidential candidates from the elections after revising their documents .
The 10 potential presidential candidates included names that would turn the table upside down. The big important names in the list of exclusion are as follows :
  1. Hazem Salah Abu Ismail as his mother turned to be an American citizen.
  2. Omar Suleiman as his campaign did not gather enough PAs from one the governorates as demanded by the HPEC.
  3. Khairat El Shater as he did not receive a rehabilitation order from judiciary that allows him to have his full political rights back after Al Azhar militias.
The other candidates that were excluded :
  • Ayman Nour because he did not receive a rehabilitation order from judiciary that allows him to have his full political rights back.
  • Mortada Mansour because there is a fight currently taking place in the party ‘s leader that he represents “Egyptian National Party” and thus it is unclear if he was official presidential candidate representing the party or not.
  • Ahmed El Saidy  because there is a fight currently taking place in the party ‘s leader that he represents “Egyptian National Party” and thus it is unclear if he was official presidential candidate representing the party or not.
  • Ibrahim Gharib because he did not complete the 30,000 PAs and has got an American citizenship !!
  • Mamdouh Qotb because all the MPs representing Al Hadra Party “his party” have resigned from the party in order to object his candidacy.
  • Ashraf Baroma because he skipped military service
  • Hossam Khairat because there is a fight between him and Wahid El Ouxory on leading the Egyptian socialist party and thus he is not eligible to run till the dispute is over.
All these excluded potential presidential candidates got 48 hours “15th and 16th of April” to appeal the decision of the HPEC.
The HPEC letter regarding Suleiman's
There are huge fear and anticipation from the anger of Hazem Abu Ismail’s supports and fans more than the reaction of Abu Ismail himself. They do not want to believe anyone or any evidence or even use their mind Abu Ismail is attacking the HPEC and he is even threatening to show documents that would expose everybody if he does not continue the race in a very sick move from a person who once gave an ultimatum to SCAF for 48 hours !!  Abu Ismail is going to appeal today as far as I know and he is accusing HPEC of fraud. Of course he called his supporters not to react. Abu Ismail can face jail time if it is proven has got the American citizenship. Hazem and his boys need a separate post because we are speaking about interesting
The Omar Suleiman campaign suffered a shock after finding his name in the list. It turns out that he was excluded because he failed to score 31 PAs from Assuit in Upper Egypt in one of the biggest ironies. The campaign of the former VP used to brag that they scored PAs more than none Islamist candidate in the race !! Today the man behind Omar Suleiman , his bodyguard , his office manager and head of his campaign Hussein El Sherif went to the HPEC to ask about the procedures of the appeal in order to present it in time.  It is unclear if Omar Suleiman is going to complete the race or not with the contradictory statements of the legal experts , some say that he can’t provide PAs with old dates to the HPEC while others say he can. To avoid further embarrassment Suleiman halted the activities of his campaign till it is clear his position from the race. 
Khairat El Shater’s legal team announced that they will appeal against the committee’s unfair order tomorrow on Monday according to a statement on Facebook , I do not know if the HPEC will be working or not considering that this is Sham El Nassim. El Shater’s legal team is insisting his legal position is 100% solid and they are going to continue the battle till he will run for presidency. Of course personally I know this may not be true.
Nevertheless the Muslim brotherhood youth began to market for Mohamed Morsi , the substitute of El Shater in the presidential elections and the leader of the Freedom and Justice party. Now there is a fear among political powers that MB would hijack next Friday April 20th protest and dedicate to El Shater. 
Ayman Nour’s position was surprising because just like El Shater , it is about his restoring his political rights and his rehabilitation. To be honest Nour did not have a strong chance in the race. 
El Shater and Nour are receiving a lot of support against the committee’s unfair order including from rivals like Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh as both men considered to be the victims of the Mubarak’s regime who are being punished till this moment by false accusations.

Mortada Mansour’s issue is more far complicated that partisan struggle on a failing party’s leadership and candidacy , the man is already on the run and is accused
Mortafa Mansour 
Last Friday the security forces raided his house in Mohendessin area in a scene that can be seen only in movies !! The man and his son escaped in to his son in law’s house which the police can’t get in to because his son in law is a judge !! A judge protects a fugitive !! At the same moment the neighbors of Mansour and his son in law are helping the authorities to arrest him. Mansour is accusing April 6th Youth movement of helping the police to arrest him. He is also accusing Sheikha Mouzza , the Qatari first lady to plotting to assassinate him !!Currently there are negotiations between him and the security forces at the same time he is asking the UN and international human rights to save as he is a presidential candidate !!
Nevertheless Mansour sent an envoy to the HPEC to see what is the problem !! Welcome to the world of Mortada Mansour ,the wackiest presidential candidate ever. 
Mamdouh Qotub , the second ex-GIS official to run for presidential elections literally destroyed the party he co-founded when leading
Baroma's posters
The biggest shock came when millions of Egyptians who live in Cairo and Giza found out that the guy whose posters are all over the streets “not Abu Ismail” , Mr. Ashraf Baroma aka Ashraf Rusty who promises to end poverty in less than 300 days can’t run because he escaped from military service !!!!!!!!!!! Strangely for two weeks we heard that a potential presidential candidate has skipped his military service and almost all the major the candidates showed their military ids during the military service and in the end it turns out it is Baroma aka Rusty
The biggest shock is not that he was excluded but he applied and his documents were revised in the first place !!  Baroma leads some party we have never heard of him before !!
It is not the end , the end officially will be on April 27th when the HPEC announces the final list of the presidential candidates after the appeals. According to the law the candidates can’t appeal the decisions of the committee in front of the court , they can appeal it in front of the HPEC only.


  1. Haha Suleiman missed by 31 signatures. He should have entered the race before the very last second as he did, and he would have been safe.

  2. An amazingly wise move! LOL

  3. Let's not count your chickens before they are hatched. All guys did appeal and in Suleiman's case you can bet that he will produce these 31 signatures - the one way or the other.

    Let's face it: We must destroy the regime's root and branch. No compromise! No mercy!

  4. Allegations that MB candidate el-Shater embezzeled da'wa funds, among other accusations against him. Video in Arabic with MEMRI subtitles in English.


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