Monday, April 16, 2012

It is Spring Time

First of all Happy Sham El Nassim.

I am sorry that I have not posted anything since early morning , I am trying to take a rest and enjoy a fine Sham El Nassim , I was planning to celebrate it by posting a photo gallery for Graffiti in the famous Mohamed Mahomoud street. Anyhow it is never too late. I am uploading them currently.

Anyhow as I am celebrating Sham El Nassim , I would like to introduce you to the official Spring song in Egypt by Farid Al Atresh : The Spring Song

Farid Al Atrash : The spring

The Spring song was composed initially by Farid Al Atresh so the legendary Um Kalthoum aka Thouma would sing yet Thouma rejected the song because actually Thouma feared the music of Farid would cover her voice in other words she did not want his music to have an Upper hand over her voice. The music of Farid can be recognized from its beauty and thus Thouma feared that people would admire the music more than her voice.

Those who love and familiar with the universe of Thouma , Abdel Wahab and Farid will know what I am saying about.

Anyhow Thouma rejected it and Farid decided to sing it , it was the best decision ever taken by both legends. He presented it in a musical sketch in his musical “Afrita Hanem” which was produced in 1949. The clip above is from the film and the lady dancing in it is the famous Samia Gamal.

Of course years later artistically Jealous Thouma wished that she would sing it.

Farid Al Atresh is not the most cheerful singer if we are going to speak about his voice which is somehow sad but his music is legendary.

That song was the nationalist anthem for the start of Spring in Egypt starting with the TV broadcast. Every Sham El Nassim the Egyptian TV used to have the Spring gala where all singers from around the Arab world came to sing in Cairo , Farid used to sing this song alive.

Farid El Atrash sings “The spring in 1970 Spring Gala”

Up till now no singer sang a song that celebrated Spring like Farid except Soad Hosni and her masterpiece, may Allah bless them both. 

I am sorry again for this late Spring post and  I hope you enjoy the Spring song which young Egyptian generations ignore its importance in our pop culture.

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  1. Thank you for sharing, these are national treasures that should be passed on, protected, and cherished.


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