Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Man behind Omar Suleiman strikes back !!

Not only the man behind Omar Suleiman is back under the spot but he is aggressive with journalists when they asked about the position of Omar Soliman in the presidential elections !! 
Masr 25 : The return of the man behind Omar Suleiman
Major Hussein El Sherif aka the Man behind Omar Suleiman says that there was no comment about the candidacy of Omar Suleiman and his appeal after he was rejected by the High presidential elections committee last Saturday. This is the first time he speaks to TV cameras and you can imagine the negative reactions about his attitude , commentators online wonder if that was the attitude of El Sherif , how the attitude of Suleiman will be.
I remember that people were begging the youth online to stop mocking him and calling him the man behind Omar Suleiman because it was harming his kids , well unfortunately he should get used to this because now he is a politician in the fire range of mocking. People have already started to mock on how we should be afraid more from El Sherif more than Suleiman because he will avenge for all the jokes about him following the famous February 11th speech.
Al Ahram Online says that according to sources in Suleiman’s campaign that his appeal will be accepted tomorrow. The HPEC will issue its final decision regarding the appeal tomorrow Tuesday at 10 AM.
On last Saturday we found out that Egyptian General Intelligence service aka GIS had issued a statement saying that it stands from equal distances from all presidential candidates adding that it is prohibited for the employees of the GIS to enroll in any political activity or partisan activity or in any electoral campaign according to article no.47 for Intelligence law no.100 issued in 1970.
The statement added that any employee to be found violating this article is considered to be resigned from the date he joined any electoral campaign or his candidacy.
Was Suleiman at his GIS office when he was speaking
to Reuters' reporters ? 
So El Sherif is no longer in the service of the GIS legally as he is the man who heads Omar Suleiman’s campaign accordingly.
Strangely this statement was issued Saturday after the NY Times on last Thursday about Suleiman and how he still uses his office at the GIS to meet with visitors and journalists “I assume that this includes his latest interview with Reuters” and how his chief of staff Hussein El Sherif manages his campaign from the GIS’ headquarter !! Already did not media claim that El Sherif was a commander of some special force protecting Suleiman , now we know from foreign media that the man is more than a body guard !!?
I think we need to know if Mr. El Sherif and his boss Suleiman are using the State’s properties and assets for their own proposes or not because in the end the GIS offices are state properties funded by the Egyptian tax payers money. We need another statement GIS about the curious case of Mr. Omar Suleiman and his faithful aide Mr. Hussein El Sherif.


  1. El Sherif seems a very defiant and unpleasant fellow even though I can't understand him. :)

    Please keep us updated about Suleiman's appeal. I want to know because he's El Naschie's favorite.

    Those guys using GIS offices is troubling.

  2. Suleiman should be barred from running precisely because he holds an allegiance within GIS. It is unfair ground for other candidates.

    I hope his appeal is not accepted, it would be a serious blow to stability of Egypt. He could be the man causing the instability in the first place.

    He should be on trial for torturing Egyptians on behalf of foreign powers, not as an presidential candidate.


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