Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A typical Day in Egypt Post revolution

on Tuesday 17/4/2012 this is what Egyptians should follow in the news :

  • The Port Said Stadium massacre trial “First session”
  • The petitions of the excluded presidential candidates.
  • The debate about the constituent assembly.
  • The debate about having the constituent first or elections first “oh yes we are back to this point once again !!
  • The fire has not been put off in Suez’s oil complex.
  • Fuel shortage in Sinai
  • On going protests and strikes in several factories.
  • Military judiciary law amendments in the parliament

The Port Said stadium is adjourned to next 5th of May 2012. It is another spin off from our version of law and order !!

I read from couple of days this tweet from a foreign reporter in Egypt that after so many years of having no real political life , Egypt is trying to restore all that time in one month !!

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  1. @Z
    You forgot to mention the most important issue facing the country, i.e. the looming economic disaster caused by dwindling reserves, high unemployment, weak foreign investments, loss of tourism dollars,forthcoming devaluation of the LE and high inflation.
    God help us!


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