Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Presidential Wackiest Race : Who Will stay in this round ? "Updated"

Abu Ismail supporters at the HPEC from the early morning
The high presidential elections committee “HEPC” is going to announce tonight its final decisions regarding the excluded potential presidential candidates from the elections race. Despite nothing officially has been announced , leaks and sources in “Ahram Gate” , “Youm 7” and “El Badil” say that Khairat El Shater’s petition was accepted and he will continue in the race.
Al Ahram Gate added that 8 of the disqualified members’ petitions and appeals were not accepted and that the fate of Khairat El Shater and Mamdouh Qotub will determine this afternoon.
The HPEC has disqualified Hazem Abu Ismail , Omar Suleiman , Khairat El Shater , Ayman Nour , Mamdouh Qotub and other less famous 5 names from running in the upcoming elections for technical reasons earlier Saturday.
I believe that El Shater and the brotherhood knew about the decision of HPEC despite the statements of his lawyer Abdel Moneim Abdel Maksoud. The MB already is organizing this big public meeting for El Shater in Cairo , in popular area of Sharbia for the first time and they have not cancelled it. I do not know if they reached to a deal with SCAF or what but there is something fishy.
On other hand people are concerned from the anger of the Abu Ismail’s supporters who are already besieging the HPEC in Heliopolis and their reaction. Abu Ismail issued a statement to his followers today to be calm and not to lose their temper after knowing the final verdict of his Saga with HPEC.
Some attributed the decision of the HPEC to delay its final announcement to Abu Ismail’s followers. Some think that the HPEC is waiting till they will get bored and leave their on going sit in around the HPEC headquarter if they delay the announcement !! Well they will not leave easily and we are all praying that they will not be dragged in to another round of violent clashes because of Hazem.

Update @ 8 : 12 PM

The HPEC has rejected all the petitions and appeals of all the excluded presidential candidates “10”.
This means that Omar Suleiman , Khairat El Shater  , Hazem Salah Abu Ismail and Ayman Nour are not going to run. They can’t appeal in front of the courts.

Now the only reaction we got is the severe anger of Abu Ismail and his supporters , I am scared that it will end with bloody violent clashes.
The HPEC called a group of Salafist Sheikhs in order to see the documents that prove the American citizenship of Abu Ismail’s mom. Abu Ismail went to the HPEC HQ but the committee refused to let him in. Before announcing the results , Abu Ismail addressed thousands of his followers accusing the committee of lying and opening fire on everybody. It is a hysterical there.
Abu Ismail added more action to the whole scene when he announced that he was going to start a sit in till the HPEC would announce the result, I do not know what he is doing now after the announcement of the petitions !!
“Hazemoon” group , which is from the biggest Hazem Abu Ismail’s support group said that they will keep their protesting
Hazem supporters online are extremely angry.
The members of HPEC have managed to leave the HQ from the backdoors !!
After knowing the decision Hazem considered the decision as an attempt to divide the society !!
Nader Bakkar , the official spokesperson feels sorry for the supporters of Abu Ismail who insulting him and the party saying that if the party knew that he was right , it would have stood with him in a very interesting quote. 
Now Khairat El Shater has reacted to his exclusion news in the public conference in Sharbia saying that his exclusion from the elections is an proof that the Mubarak still rules adding that they will continue in their peaceful struggle against that regime. El Shater also announced that the MB will join the next Friday Protest in Tahrir square announcing that they will have a sit in for a day or two.
On the other hand the Freedom and Justice party announced that Dr. Mohamed Morsi , the FJP leader will continue in the presidential race as the official presidential candidate of the FJP , the political arm of MB in its official twitter account.
The Muslim brotherhood and Freedom and Justice party have issued a joint statement from couple of hours announcing that Mohamed Morsi will continue the race as well condemning the decision of the HPEC. 
The Muslim brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice are astonished on how the HPEC has rejected the petition of Khairat El Shater and his legal team despite all the papers and documents presented to the committee
The Statement said.
I beg to differ because El Shater's legal question is really questionable.
The Man behind Omar Sulieman aka Hussein El Sherif , the manager of Sulieman's campaign has refused to comment to the media on the exclusion till the campaign receives an official notification from the HPEC. This is big blow to Sulieman without doubt.
"Ana Asef Ya Rayes" the infamous Pro-Mubarak page that endorsed Sulieman for presidency announced that it respects the decisions of the HPEC.
Other presidential candidates began to comment as well , for instance the veteran leftist presidential candidate and MP Ezz El Din Hariri criticized how some former presidential candidates and their supporters are protesting the decision of HPEC.
On the other hand Khaled Ali , the other leftist potential presidential candidate and lawyer activist announced in an interview on Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr that he had no doubt that Hazem Abu Ismail’s mother was an Egyptian and that why he defended him and will continue to defend him. Khaled Ali already was defended Hazem Abu Ismail last week in front of the administrative against the ministry of interior.


  1. Congratulations Egypt for being played like fools! Alf Mabrook to your new neo-liberal president Khairat El Shater. The Muslim Brotherhood now controls everything! Yippee...Woo hoo. All your social justice problems will be solved.

    1. Spoke too soon? I bet you feel like an idiot

  2. "Better the devil you know than the angel you don't" If we follow that "wisdom we would follow Omar Suleiman and would get an Israeli spy, USA-ass kisser, talented torturer and adoring Mubarak bootlicker as President. That would make Egyptians the global laughing stock.
    Khairat is by far the more promising choice. There is nothing wrong with Islamic principles and values. Western values are corrupted by greed for money. The west and Israel are killing Muslims at will and it gives them pleasure.

    If Egypt wants to get rid of corruption and cronyism - Islam is the solution.

  3. In my opinion the biggest loser in this presidential race is not one of the 10 potential candidates who were excluded. The biggest loser is Mohamed ElBardei who, if he did not withdraw from the race earlier, would have been the front runner now. I bet he is regretting his decision and wished he would still have been in the race. I think Amr Moussa has a much better chance of becoming Egypt's first elected president.

  4. You can't say Western values are corrupted by greed for money and then say Khairat is the most promising choice. He may disagree with the West on some social policies but in terms of economics, El-Shater espouses the same big business neo-liberal crap that the West loves so much.

  5. "Omar Suleiman, Khairat El Shater, Hazem Salah Abu Ismail and Ayman Nour are not going to run. They can’t appeal in front of the courts." Wow! The Election Commission is throwing its weight around! These last few days are the most interesting Egypt news days since the revolution. Keep blogging, Z!

    @The Islamist "Islam is the solution." It's been tried, LOL. You guys are starting to sound more and more like commies, who invariably blame implementation failures in communist countries, rather than the obvious. Quote sometimes attributed to Albert Einstein: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results."

    @Hazem, yeah ElBaradei must be kicking himself in the behind.

  6. Khaled Ali lost credibility as a presidential candidate with his opportunistic defense of Abu Ismael. His statement may be acceptable for typical attorney, yet represent a poor judgment as principled politician. Of course Abu Ismael mother was Egyptian, this is not the issue. But she is also, as proven with various documents, a naturalized US citizen. Khaled doesn't refute the facts, yet he exploit loopholes and semantics. This makes him probably a good attorney, but he lacks the moral authority to be a president.

    If Egypt wants to get rid of corruption and cronyism - GOD is the solution. GOD is the source of all religions. It doesn't matter what we believe in, but how deep we believe.

  7. God is the solution? Khaled Ali isn't the only liar here (and he's not actually lying either. One of a cornerstones of a democracy is legal representation regardless of what's been done). The MB said they would only put forward candidates for a third of the seats in parliament, said they wouldn't dominate the constituent assembly and said they wouldn't put forward a candidate for president. How did that go for us?

    'Mr Islam' said his mum wasn't American. Turned out he was also a liar. Yet Egyptians vote for these parties and men because they're religious and 'honest'. No, they lie and cheat just like anyone else. Except they're more dangerous because they could at any time say 'haraam' if someone disagrees or wants to vote them out.

    As for ElBaradei, I don't think he'll be kicking himself. He didn't leave because he thought he couldn't win, he left because he didn't want to participate in a procedure which he felt was still a sham. I don't see what's happened since which would have changed his mind.

  8. "GOD is the solution... It doesn't matter what we believe in, but how deep we believe."

    When you give up your primitive magical thinking you can climb out of the Dark Ages, contribute to mankind's knowledge, master science and technology, get rich, install some flush toilets, and join the first world. Loser.

  9. "GOD is the solution... It doesn't matter what we believe in, but how deep we believe.

    Since the beginning of recorded history around 6000 years ago, historians have cataloged over 3700 supernatural beings, of which 2870 can be considered deities. Those numbers are probably a very conservative estimate because we there is no accurate information before 4000 B.C. This means any dieties worshipped by man before this period are unaccounted for.
    In Hinduism the entire living universe is merely a unique manifestation of Ishvara. This leads to the fact that there are 330 million "gods or goddesses!
    Which one has the solution to correct the flaws of Homo Sapiens????

  10. It is funny that all people talked about deal between SCAF and ikhwan, and after the decision they talk about "legal" position!


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