Wednesday, April 18, 2012

#Sandstorm in #Cairo

We are having the worst sandstorm in Cairo today. It is the Khamsin in its official time after Easter.The storm started at 8:30 AM this morning. Suddenly we got this yellow color in the air.
Here is Tahrir square from short awhile ago .
Khamisn in Tahrir square "Kolena Khaled Said"
Here are few shots I took today in my way to work.

The Nile
The other bank of the Nile

Visibility is terrible .
Be careful while driving on the desert roads in Egypt.
The red sea ports authorities have already closed 4 ports in Suez because of the bad weather conditions. Cairo international airport announced emergency status as the lack of visibility will affect the landing and taking off.

The storm has reached to several governorates whether Cairo, Alexandria , Marsa Matrouh , Asuit and Suez as a start. I do not know what is the effect of this sandstorm on the fire of Suez oil complexes. The temperature is expected to be low by the end of the day.

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