Saturday, April 28, 2012

#CParty : wish for it all success but ..

Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei is back to action and this time he decided to participate in the political game officially by founding a political party which he hopes it would represent not only the Egyptian revolution but rather the Egyptian people in order to save the revolution
The new Party is called “The constitution party” because “The constitution is what brings all Egyptians together” , of course its suits this phase in the revolution when there is a battle on the constitution right between The Muslim brotherhood and Non Islamist powers.
Mohamed ElBaradei and Ragia Omran "AP"
The Constitution party  includes prominent political figures and activists like for instance Dr. Alaa Al Aswany , Dr. Hossam Eissa , TV host Gamila Ismail , Journalist Wael Kandeel “Official spokesperson and editor in chief of Al Shorouk Daily” , Human rights activist lawyer Ragia Omran , Revolution Youth coalition member Shady El Ghazli Harb and the famous Dr. Ahmed Harara.
For sure ElBaradei and company chose an excellent timing for announcing the party especially when the public in Egypt are extremely angry with the current parties in the scene especially the Muslim brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party. People are looking for some hope and some of them think that there is hope in the newly founded Constitution party.
I respect Dr.ElBaradei so much but I fear from that circles of faces surrounding from prominent figures and faces that we are fed up already from speaking all those months in the media. These figures do not know anything in its life except theorizing to the level that I can’t imagine that they will in any political sophisticated organizational activity like a party in a very critical moment of our history.
Another thing I fear is that this party will be based on ElBaradei’s popularity and not on its program.Despite Dr.ElBaradei wants to end this “Pharaoh idolizing” tradition in Egypt , unfortunately his supporters have turned him in to another Pharaoh figure.
Dr. ElBaradei says that this party is moderate Liberal party which actually suits his Liberal social ideas but I want to see and read the Constitution Party’s true political and economic program as soon as possible because how I will join a party except after reading its program !?
As a person I do not like how this party is said “ to be for all Egyptians” because there is no political party in any country in the world that is for all people , political parties got political , economic , social, ethnic , nationalist and religious ideologies that attract people. I do not buy that this party will make it when we have socialists , nationalists and liberals are under one roof except on the condition that those socialists and nationalists are actually liberals in closets . Dr. ElBaradei says that the main ideology of the party is simple for the people to understand , it is the motto of the January Revolution “bread, freedom and social justice”.
This is more than great but I know without doubt that liberal Shady Harb has got different understanding on how we can achieve this motto from Nationalist Hossam Eissa.
When I raised this point on twitter , I found some people reminding me with Al Wafd Party experience in 1919 which is inspiring for me without doubt but I beg to differ with them because Al Wafd party represented Egyptians geographically yet after years its founding members defected and formed their own parties like Mohamed Pasha Mahmoud.
There have been lots of leaks that the constitution party may merge with other parties specifically El Adl party and Free Egyptian party yet it seems that this has not happened yet so I do not know if there are negotiations undergoing for real or these are hopeful rumors. Nevertheless there are a wave of resignations in El Adl party where these defectors will join ElBaradei party.
ElBaradei says this party will be the majority party insh Allah after 4 years in Egypt , I hope so , I even hope that it will be the second old “Al Wafd party” but for this to happen we need a lot of real work since day with real people instead of talking to the media and on twitter , instead of theorizing as interacting with real people in real world paid very well with the Muslim brotherhood. The constitution party should based and settled in Tahrir square but it has to go to the people from Rashid to Halayeb starting from May 2012 if it really wants to become the “All Egyptians Party”


  1. Doesn't Osama Elghazali Harb have his own party "The Democratic Front"? How come he can be a member in two parties?
    And I don't like that "For All Egyptians" either

  2. I totally and absolutely agree with every word you said, uk let's be positive and give them a chance and even elbaradei should not be above criticism and sinisisem
    Maha Blakeway


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