Monday, May 28, 2012

Abu El Fotouh presser : Strong Egypt will live on

Former presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh held a press conference tody at Kempenski hotel in Garden City to discuss the presidential elections as well his plans for the future.

Regarding the elections AMAF thinks that the elections are not that fair compared to the parilamentary elections for the following reasons :
Abu El Fotouh in the presser 
  • The presidential elections committee "PEC" did not give his campaign the lists of voters despite in the parliamentary elections the elections committee gave all candidates the lists of voters in each district.
  • The campaign's delegates were forced to leave the polling stations by the security forces from 9 PM Thursday to 8 AM Friday.
  • The bribes whether from money or food supply reported to be used in the elections.
Regarding the future of Strong Egypt , AMAF said that he will have meetings with the volunteers and members of his Campaign to discuss the future of the project hinting out the possibility of turning it into a movement or even a party. AMAF is speaking about participating in local councils elections " this made me by happy"
About runoffs , he will not endorse any presidential candidate in the runoffs but he tells his supporters not to vote for former regime icons aka Ahmed Shafik. He wants the runoffs to be adjourned coz the elections can be cancelled as the constitutional court will issue its rule regarding the disenfranchisement law in the upcoming 3 weeks. This law can ban Shafik from political activities.
He did not meet Mohamd Morsi or tried to convince Al Gama'a Al Islamiyya to endorse the Muslim brotherhood's candidate.
By the way contrary to what Khaled Youssef claimed , he did not call Hamdeen Sabbahi and tried to convince to endorse Morsi.
Here is the video :

The way Amr Moussa also had a presser this morning too.


  1. Only way Egypt will be free if noble officers take out SCAF and hand over power to Presidential Council. Tahrir will get you nowhere. You have no legitimacy in Tahrir. Just sour grapes.

    Oh, the chances of what I previously said is near impossible. USA and Israel will never allow Egypt to be free whether through elections or a Zionist following Junta. Accept defeat and build contacts in military or think of armed resistance. No change will occur from bullshit "peaceful" protests.

    1. When will Egyptians focus on their own country and not on Israel? "Zionist following junta"? I mean look at what happened to the relations between Egypt and Israel since the revolution, from the assault on the embassy to the cancellation of the gas deal.

  2. "USA and Israel will never allow Egypt to be free whether through elections or a Zionist following Junta."

    HAHAHAHA Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

  3. I can quite possibly see AMAF building a movement behind him and sweeping to the presidency or to a parliamentary majority in a few years time.

  4. nice posting.. thanks for sharing..


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