Monday, May 28, 2012

#Egyelections : The official results of the First Stage

SPEC has announced the results of the first stage of the presidential elections held on May 23th and 24th officially from few minutes ago and they are as follow :

  • Mohamed Morsi : 5,764,968 votes
  • Ahmed Shafik : 5,505,327 votes
  • Hamdeen Sabbahi : 4,823,273 votes
  • Abu El Fotouh : 4,650,239 vote

The runoffs will be between Morsi and Shafik

Not a big surprise

Other numbers :

  • The no. of voters in the presidential elections are : 23, 670,236 voters
  • The no. of right votes in the elections are : 23, 256,516 voters
  • The official turn out is 46.42%

More analysis and news will come later.


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  2. It seems that the Supreme Elections Comission has rejected appeals to investigate allegations of vote fraud but the Supreme Constitutional Court is apparently on June 11 set to rule on the issue of whether the law passed barring Mubarak-era official from holding office. Is much of a chance of this actually resulting in Shafiq's disqualification from the run-off or will the law just most likely be struck down?

  3. They burned down Shafik's headquarters, it is being reported. You didn't do that, did you Z? ;)

  4. The people of Egypt must demand the re-vote to be for the top three presidential contenders not only for the top two as is the case now.

    Abu El fotouh's votes when redistributed among the three may yield a different result for Sabbahi and that must be taken into considerations since he represents the 3rd faction in the current egyptian political scene.


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