Monday, May 28, 2012

#AblaFahita tells you that they are only 4 years

Abla Fahita tells her daughter that they are only 4 years when it comes to the upcoming presidential term.
Abla Fahita and her daughter voted for Hamdeen Sabbahi by the way.
Abla Fahita : Homma 4 years
Abla Fahita or to be accurate Shosho Abu Gahl and her daughter Caro Carolina are like a mini puppet show on YouTube that gained huge success among social network users since 2011. It is hilarious show making from social issues.
I dedicate this to the 10 million who did not vote for Shafik or Morsi as well to all Egyptians who did not vote !!
The Presidential elections committee is going to announce in the following minutes the results of the first stage of the elections by the way.
p.s : The background music is taken from a famous old Egyptian TV program’s intro called “My life” that used for 3 decades discuss the social problems of citizens on air. New generations do not this show nor its famous TV host “Faiza Wassef”

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