Sunday, May 27, 2012

I am waiting for Azmi’s memories

This was the good news of the day : Zakaria Azmi , the former chief of staff of Mubarak has been sentenced 7 years in jail and fined $ 6 million for corruption charges.
I remember how Azmi was among the most powerful men in Egypt for nearly 30 years and how he was controlling Egypt from his office.
Now I am waiting to read the memories of Zakaria Azmi which I know that either he is working on or he will work on in order to clear his name.
In our long struggle for democracy , for the strong Egypt we should not forget these small victories. It is like being in a war , our spirit should not be down all the time.
We had presidential elections from two years we dreamt about in our wildest dreams.
Of course next week we will have the big Mubarak’s trial finale.

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  1. I guess he can appeal that, so I'll not count it as a final victory yet.


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