Sunday, May 27, 2012

And Ikhwanweb’s twitter account is hacked !!

The Muslim brotherhood English website “Ikhwan Web” Twitter account has been hacked from several hours ago by a hacker called “TacticiaN”
The hacker who changed the profile’s avatar from the Ikhwan’s slogan to late Khaled Said’s avatar May Allah bless his soul let that tweet with that message after he was accused of being a Mubarak’s regime remnant.
A screencap for the account while it was hacked
Now the hacker has one condition for the Muslim brotherhood members if they want to restore the account : To keep the avatar of late Khaled.
It is worth to mention that the Freedom and Justice Party website official English twitter account has been hacked since yesterday.
FJP English twitter account was also hacked 
It seem that the IT boys in MB have failed to restore both accounts so far.
A screencap for Ikhwan Web showing the twitter
account hacked on the right
Ironically most people are praising the hacking and sending him “Well done” mentions on twitter whether from inside Egypt or outside it.
It is not the first time something like this happens , I remember that several twitter celebs from politicians and activists faced the same thing like former Presidential candidate and Politician Ayman Nour  and activist Nawara Negm who did not restore back their twitter account except when the hackers returned back their passwords.
By the way speaking about twitter and social media , I think the Muslim brotherhood tweeps should revise themselves when it comes to speaking to the people. In the past 48 hours they have been so rude and arrogant attacking people despite they are in the desperate need for every vote and at the time Shafik and his supporters are playing it nice with the revolutionaries we find MB tweeps calling us dogs !!!!!!
We are being attacked because we are asking for guarantees of the civility of the state in return of electing Morsi. We are being attacked because we ask regular non-politicalized people to think as they want to choose between Shafik and Morsi.
MB tweeps you are in very weak position now , be polite as Islam orders you.

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  1. very well done Zienobia.. once again striking the right cordssss.... much respect!!!

    either the MB or Shafik's campaign, they both have their massive flaws compared to what we thought we could have. however, impressing enough that Shafik knows his ins and outs much better than the MB.. I honestly thought the opposite of that precise thought, and was expecting the MB to "strategically" wrap their arms around the Egyptian ppl and give them a big as* hug based on the poetic verses we've heard from them over the time, how they wanted a better country for everyone and all.. lucky enough for the Egyptians that they are gaining conscious @ the right time before being foolishly fooled once again by another sort of dictatorship..... and the story continues.... good luck everyone in this should-be-peaceful world...

    Egyptian as can-be, but rather be far from the chaos and living in my country this torn apart!


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