Sunday, May 27, 2012

#Houla : Another Massacre in a long record of Massacres

And the Syrians in Houla buried over 30 children slaughtered from two days ago in mess graves.
Al Houla: Preparing the martyrs for burial
Burying the martyrs yesterday
Al Houla: Burying the martyrs yesterday
The photos are horrible from Al Houla, I just can’t share some of them from their horrific nature, I just can’t.

The UN observers say that tanks were used in this massacre while the Syrian regime is claiming that Al Qaeda linked terrorist group is behind the massacre denying any responsibility !!!!!

Alex Thomson, the Chief correspondent of Channel 4 News in UK wrote this blog post about his visit to Al Houla along with the UN international observers. 

Thomson also tweeted from there describing how there were still bodies in the houses surrounding them and how the massacre started from 3 PM on Friday and ended at 2 AM on Saturday !!!

11 hours !! According to Thomson many of the bodies were shot in the head, which means execution style !! He also hinted out the civilians left the area where the Syrian Arab army "official army" is stationed where civilians are staying with the Free Syrian army.
Here is a storifed version of his tweets to get better perspective.

Of course there are lots of questions here.
The security council will hold a meeting for few hours to discuss the massacre with expectations that the Syrian regime will be roughed up as usual.
 Strangely despite Al Qaeda and its offspring from other groups are a terrorist group in a regime that responsible for the death of thousands, I know they will not go to kill Sunni Muslims in their homes in that way.
Maybe if the Syrian regime claimed that foreign mercenaries groups like Blackwater are behind the massacre like What Mohamed Hassenein , Wikileaks and Russia Today are claiming , one can find it somehow logic then Al Qaeda !! Can’t they find better way to fool us !!?

Anyhow whoever did this horrible massacre got no human feelings, brainwashed to the level that he became a killing machine that does not differentiate what about what is right or wrong as a human to kill a child in that way.
What kind of a person does this to a baby girl? 
Kuwait and UAE are asking for an urgent LAS meeting to discuss the massacre in Cairo. On the other hand Egyptians are holding a martyr’s prayer and protest tomorrow at Tahrir square in front of LAS at 5 PM.
What makes me angry is that those kids, those civilians killed are just considered pawns, numbers in a big dirty regional war !!!
What makes me angry is that this would have never reached this degree if Egypt was in its full power.
Several observers, many people who went to Syria recently from reporters told me that the Syrian revolution started as a pure thing but El Assad and international powers turned in to hell.

 El Assad could not handle a peaceful protesting revolution style and thus he chose his dad’s technique: Violence. Being a major player in the regional political, Syrians are now the pawns in the cold world’s power game: US Vs. Russia and their allies in the region: Saudi Arabia Vs.Iran.

 The Syrian revolution and Syrian quest for freedom are being exploited and the price is paid by blood.
I just wonder what we can do or how we can help Syria and Syrians without destroying them for cold blooded political regional calculations. We all know that sooner or later it will head into a sectarian civilian war followed by foreign occupation then after few years El Assad and his regime will be remembered as an icon of resistance just like Saddam in our media. We have seen it before typically in Iraq.

I do not know what we can do.

I do not know what we can do for the Syrians for real, the sectarian anger is frightening and unfortunately, the minorities in Syria fear from the Sunni and their anger and revenge to the level that they would accept to leave under El Assad rule. Syria got the largest number of Religious and ethnic sects in the Arab world. When I speak about Christian Syrians, I feel their fear from the Muslim brotherhood and Salafist groups especially with the bad performance of Muslim brotherhood in Egypt and the radical Salafist actions in Tunisia.

We have to confess that public uprisings turned in to a revolution without leadership is a total mess. It is up to the Syrians to organize themselves, to search among themselves for real national leadership away from these politicians they have got. Syria does not need SNC or Free Syrian army or Supreme council of Syrian Armed forces, Syria needs a leader like Saad Zaghlol or Nelson Mandela.
The children of Houla before the massacre
Obama will not help anyone because this is the elections season in the state, maybe the next president will do something but I do not think the Syrians should wait till next November. Some Syrians are ready to sell their souls to the devils of the Republican Party in the US just to get rid of El Assad and I can’t blame them. Other Syrians have blind faith in the Gulf that use their country as a war front with Iran. It is just disgusting.

And I will take the words of Mohamed ElBaradei and say that Syria is in the long dark tunnel with a dead end. Only a divine miracle can save Syria but unfortunately, the age of divine miracles is over thus only the Syrians themselves can find away from that tunnel.


  1. The long dark tunnel is getting darker... and the regional play will destroy our beloved Syria :( This is beyond sad. This is tragic

  2. Voila pres d'un siecle que le monde arabe ferme les yeux sur ce genre de choses. Seulement aujourd'hui il y a la television.

  3. Zenobia

    Tanks do not cause injuries like that. They destroy building yet the building were intact. The Assad army is secular. That is one thing about it.

    A secular army is not going to slit children throats!

    Slitting throats is Wahabi hallmark. It is the Wahabi style of execution of infidels. To Wahabi we are all infidels. Did you not watch the video of the poor girl in Saudi mall being told to get out because she was wearing nail polish! here watch Wahabi in action then ask yourself who benefits from this slaughter? Assad for sure doesn't because every day the US is moving towards invasion.

    Saudi and Qatar have admitted that they are arming the rebels and AQ is now in Syria.

    The BBC today posted false photos of Houla which were actually from Iraq in 2003!! we are being lied to and manipulated by Western and Israeli media. The real terrorists are Saudi wahabis and their allies are USA and Israel. Not until Saudi is free of Al Saud and his wahabi fanatics will we see peace!

    Do not think that everything you see on the TV and computer is real. BBC today proved that point by their lying photos of the child in Rammalah sweeping floor of blood and Iraq bodies from 2003 to name but two.

  4. Meanwhile Russia's mouthpiece has it's very own spin on it:

    "Damascus has refuted accusations of being behind a ruthless attack in Houla where over 90 civilians were killed. Political analyst Ibrahim Alloush told RT those killed were actually Assad loyalists, and the timing is suspicious." - 'Syrian government denies involvement in Houla massacre'

    There is no hope from international community for Syria, they must get Syrians to fight.

  5. Every Egyptian and every person on this planet NEEDS to spend the next 30 mins watching this Al Jazeera interview. This will explain the exact reason the Arab world and our planet is at risk from Saudi wahabism!!!

    This explain perfectly in detail why radical Islam is on the rise in our countries!!!

    A not to miss episode for all English speakers where AJ interviews famous author Al Aswany.

    Synopsis is here

    U tube is here

  6. The question is who can stop these actions? Bashar Assad can. I think Russia could and probably Iran but probably no one else can?

    US never created,supported,or approved of Syrian Baathism. So no blame there. Israel fought House of Assad many times. So no blame there.

    2/3 of Syria cannot live as slaves of the other 1/3. They are being killed by weapons & soldiers paid for by taxes on their hard work.

    Most of the world can see that the Royal House of Assad is the obstacle. Until he is removed, these slaughters can continue.


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