Saturday, May 26, 2012

#Homs : Another Massacre in the same place “+18”

I said it before whenever all the whole world is watching Egypt, Bashar El Assad’s troops commit horrible massacre in Syria either in Homs or Hama.

Unfortunately this time in Homs, the alleged armed Shabiha stormed civilians’ houses in the city of Houla slaughtering tens of women and children including toddlers and babies today.

 Here is a clip allegedly filmed in Houla in the past 24 hours showing the bodies of those civilians that were killed, it is extremely graphic. “+18”
Homs: Tens killed in Houla

Here is another terrible video showing the bodies of nearly 26 Syrian children killed in the most horrible way ever.

According to the people there El Assad Shabiha "militant thugs" did that horrible massacre where nearly 50 children have been slaughtered along with their moms.

 I just can't imagine the amount of hate , the one who did this , the one who did this is a psychopath, not even a human at all.

The number of victims has increased to more than 90. According to news reports, the UN observers are heading to the area to know what happened exactly.

The videos and photos resurfacing now are horrible, extremely horrible.
Strangely this horrible attack days before Kofi Anan’s visit to Syria.
I have been avoiding the terrible videos coming from Syrian but I can’t keep avoiding them forever.


  1. Zenobia, it is the Alawi who are slaughtering the Sunnis.

    We Syrians hope ALL EGYPTIANS to rally for our support and we hope the new Egyptian Governent works decisively to support the Syrian cause.

    We are very disappointed that Egyptians are not concerned about the fate of the people of Syria.

  2. Not many are paying attention to what is going on there because it seems like more of the same we have seen over many months. He is going to break his fathers record if he hasn't already.

    The calculation is that the opposition will eventually tire. This would seem logical but what the regime is missing is that they would never have rebelled in the 1st place if logic had any force.

    They hate Assad more every day and everyday he gives them more reason to hate him.

  3. السلام عليكم صاحب مدونه انا عايز اكلمك على ياهو او سمحت وشكرا
    ودى مدونتي


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