Friday, May 25, 2012

It is time to talk about #egyelections

Ok I feel better know now to speak about the preliminary first stage result of the presidential elections after my emotional meltdown in the morning.

  • When I look out to the results I found out 9 million Egyptians voted for the DSC03719revolutionary candidates “Sabbahi , Abu El Fotouh and Ali” where 5 million Egyptians voted for Shafik out of 25 million voters participating in this round then the majority chose the revolution.

The biggest mistake that all people spoke about how having several candidates will divide the votes and yet we love to fall in to the trap while we see it in front of us !!

  • Hamdeen Sabbahi is the big surprise of the presidential race this year considering the big leap he got and the fact he scored nearly one million vote in Cairo. Sabbahi’s campaign has been poor throughout the race but in the past two weeks it had a great push forward financially and publicly when Abu El Fotouh did not do well in the presidential debate. The Pro-revolutionaries who do not want to vote for Abu El Fotouh because he is an Islamist voted for Hamdeen.

Hamdeen Sabbahi according to the results we have is popular in the big cities.

  • Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh is the big shock of the presidential race this year considering the diversity of his team that made the favorite moderate Islamist candidate for the open-minded liberals and leftists. Now the big betrayal came from the Salafist Al Nour Party and Salafist calling as most of the Salafists did not vote for Abu El Fotouh as I expected.

Personally I do not trust Al Nour Party or the Salafist calling Sheikhs as they are known with their past with the State security and knowing the religious thought differences between the Salafists and Abu El Fotouh I knew it was not genuine from their side. I know I should not accuse anyone but I think the Salafist calling announced its endorsement to Abu El Fotouh instead of Morsi to pull him down publicly and made him lose the Non Salafist liberal vote. 

I do not accuse the Salafists , heavens forbid as they were much clearer and honest than their Sheikhs.

  • Shafik is the big surprise in the race when all the eyes were fixed on Amr Moussa , I can’t ignore the role of the former NDPias whether in Nile Delta or in Upper nor I can ignore the role of some Christian religion men in scaring the Christians and making them vote to Shafik. It needs another big post.

I do not accuse the Christians of being responsible in electing Shafik like some did but I can’t ignore the sectarian factor that reminds me with the days of Mubarak, I can’t ignore it when there was Hamdeen Sabbahi , a non Islamist National candidate in the same ballot paper. Now it is turning in to a silly sectarian issue.

  • Now the Muslim brotherhood is calling all the national powers in the country including presidential candidates Hamdeen Sabbahi and Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh for unity and negotiations tomorrow Saturday at 5 PM in their famous HQ in Moktam area in Cairo.

The Brotherhood is not in good position now in the elections as its leaders think and they need help in order to score presidency. The brotherhood or rather Khairat El Shater is ready to negotiate and to offer concessions related to the vice president position and coalition cabinet. “Oh yes I know what you think”

In a pragmatic way I will put these demands on the table for the Muslim brotherhood like that if they want my endorsement as political revolutionary power:

  • Vice president Position
  • Constituent assembly from outside the parliament
  • Civilian state
  • Coalition cabinet for real with non MB Prime minister with representation for all political power from left to right. Of course the cabinet issue is critical as SCAF will have a word at the time being in appointing the ministers of information , international cooperation, interior, foreign affairs and telecommunications. Still we can reach for a framework.
  • Adopting Al Azhar document for human rights as constitution drafting guideline.

The MB got the parliament and now they will competing on the presidential post which means the legislative and executive authorities thus I think these demands are fair.

Of course bunch of revolutionaries presented a list of demands that actually related to the trials of the clashes that took place in the past year and half and the position of defense minister. I am sorry these demands do not reflect the real needs of the Egyptian people now and make them vote for Morsi.

I do not know if the political powers can reach to an agreement with MB as we have huge trust issue and bad experience. I can’t trust the MB anymore yet I know that they are in deep trouble. It is a matter of hours and we will know.


  1. Here is an idea: The Egyptians could demand the inclusion of a provision for presidential recall elections in the upcoming constitution. This way, if they deem the incumbent president to be undesirable, they have an opportunity to remove his earlier than the normally alloted time.

    Of course, those that have a vested interest holding the presidency would vigorously oppose the idea of allowing recall elections. However, it might be worth informing people about this concept and seeing if they would press for such an idea.

    Information about recalls:

  2. You Call the Coptic vote sectarian, you mean you do not believe they have reason to be afraid of Muslim extremism and Salafis?

  3. copts have done a great mistake in the presidental elections
    they had the chance to vote for hamadeen sabbahi the communist or even Amr Moussa but they voted for the worst
    if copts voted for sabbahi

    1. totally agree! they have voted for Shafik who was part of the mafia who staged sectarian incidents like in Alex etc

    2. Ala'a al Aswani challenges Shafik to debate to answer accusations of 35 charges of corruption !!

    3. Someone on Twitter joked to kidnap Morsi and kill him so that Sabahi will take his place against Shafik LOL

    4. Egyptians must call for referendum to ask for 3 person run off instead of 2 person so we can include Sabahi. We need to mobilize and spread the word to get us out of this crisis.

    5. If Morsi pulls out then Sabahi will run off against Shafik and Sabahi will win for sure!! time to put pressure on Morsi to step aside for Egypts sake!!

  4. There will never be true democracy until there is intelectual liberty. Egyptians are living under fear... all the big guys plays with peoples fears and when the people are affraid, they will always polarize in the extremes and either go conservative (shafiq) or the total opposite (Morsi). Study the rise into power of Adolf Hitler and you will learn valuable things. When in fear people are more easilly manipulated. If you want real revolution educate the masses, liberate peoples intelect. Destroy dogma with the light of education. Fear, Dogma and superstition are now rulling Egypt. A new nation takes years to build, you have just started, do not worry about an apparent setback. Move foward and your success will surely come. Unite all the lovers of freedom and justice, unite all under the banner of universal brotherhood and kept building the bright future you believe in.


  5. this is actual a good result in a way. the so called "revolutionaries" need to respect the fact that the largest group of pro-democracy egyptians have consistently supported the Brotherhoods position. That has been evidenced again despite all the negative press and mud slinging. The Brotherhood almost felt they could "go it alone" after the elections which would have been bad for pluralism. Hopefully now all revolutionary forces will begin to talk and reach a consensus that can at least take them beyond the feloul and into a new era. The brotherhood need to recognise we are all muslims and they have no exclusivity in that regard,. The 'liberals' also need to accept a more observent trend of muslims exist amongst the "revolutionaries" (indeed the largest trend)whilst at the same time being confident that they are still "true" muslims albeit less observent (perhaps). Lets take islam out of the equation and unite all forces on the basis of the freedoms we are fighting for.

  6. So far election outcomes show Egypt's revolution did not achieve its goals.
    January 25 started as a true revolution that was hijacked by the SCAF followed by the MB. So far this has been a political revolution and is lacking the social and cultural ingredients for a lasting revolution to occur.


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