Friday, May 25, 2012

It is the end of the revolution as we know it end !!

Today we found Mr. Ahmed Sarhan , the official spokesperson of Ahmed Shafik’s campaign saying this very interesting statement in New York Times today issue :

Mr. Serhan said. “The revolution has ended,” he said. “It is one and a half years.”

“The revolution has ended” interesting words from the official spokesperson of a presidential candidate who would never have imagined to run for presidency if it were not for the revolution.

Knowing how this quote can damage Shafik’s image abroad as well inside , Sarhan denied saying this and accused NY Times Cairo Bureau chief David Kirckpatrick of editing his phone call with him to make him appear as Anti #Jan25.

Already it is enough that it was highlighted in Guardian’s Live coverage for the Egyptian presidential elections.

Well as a follower of Serhan as a tweep and as a blogger, I know that he is not fond of the #Jan25 revolution and he believes that Mubarak’s economic policies were not bad. Of course now he is trying to make Shafik’s campaign and Shafik as revolution friendly as possible , today he appeared on TV claiming that our revolution was hijacked by the Muslim brotherhood !!

I remember last night or the day before I sent to Wael Ghonim a tweet that Shafik’s supporters believe that we are traitors he interfered telling me that it is untrue and Wael Knows him as a friend !!

I do respect Serhan but I wish he respects our minds because Shafik was forced to present his resignation by the revolutionary forces in last February 2011. I do respect Serhan but I wish he respects our minds and admits that the former NDPian officials across the country campaigned for Shafik especially in Upper Egypt. I wish Sarhan respects our mind and admit that Gamal Mubarak’s loyal pressman Abdullah Kamel is the media adviser of Shafik.

Honesty is an important thing.

The  results of the presidential elections are indeed considered the end of the revolution as we know and we hope for in Egypt.

Now I fear from the future more than , I fear from Islamist rule and from reproducing Mubarak’s rule once again. I fear if Shafik wins we will enter a true era of violence begins from angry revolutionary depressed youth. I fear that this time the army and police will protect people’s legitimate choice. 

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