Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Breaking : Administrative court suspends Presidential elections !!!!

Al Ahram newspaper has just reported on its official website that the administrative court in Qalubiya has issued a court ruling to suspend the Supreme presidential elections committee decision to hold the presidential elections next May 23rd and 24th !!
According from what I understand the administrative court saw that we can’t have presidential elections.

Updated #1 :

According to MENA this court ruling was taken because the one that should call the voters for elections is SCAF instead the Supreme presidential elections committee “SPEC”.
The government has the right to appeal the court rule tomorrow.
Lawyer Wael Bahget is the man who stands behind this surprising court ruling and from hearing him now on TV I know that he got Islamophobia.
I saved the country from civil war !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bahget said hinting out the warnings of Muslim brotherhood of going back to the street if there is electoral fraud as well the rage of Abu Ismail’s supporters.
People are extremely worried from delaying the presidential elections , we can’t be dragged to this trap. I am extremely worried already.
Of course now some people will curse the administrative court and considers it as an accomplice with SCAF in delaying the democratic transition after praising the administrative court order to suspend the decision of  presidential elections committee to have Shafik back in the presidential race !!
At the same time you will have that small group of boycotters will be very happy and think that people will go back to the revolutionary track.
I have reached a point already in this time in Egypt that I do not understand anything because simply makes any sense or any logic anymore !!

Updated #2 :

Now from the ministry of foreign affairs we know that the presidential elections will be held on Friday as it was decided there will be no delay in the elections. 
As another source , this time a judge in the State commissioners following the administrative court says there will be no delay in the elections !!

Updated #3 :

SPEC has issued a statement on Thursday , the presidential elections will be held in time , nothing is going to be changed. 

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  1. Don't worry, SCAF will give the order to allow the elections to continue (as they are in complete control). The elections will happen. Some president will be chosen. People will realize he has no legitimate power to do anything. People "riot" instead of protest. SCAF takes over for good.


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