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#EgyElections : Presidential campaigns TV ads "Updated

Since the start of the presidential campaign officially since last week and we began to be showed with Presidential candidates TV ads in Egyptian TV channels.
In this post I will share with you the Egyptian presidential candidates by Alphabetic order and it will be updated as soon as there are new ads.
The ads are after the break


Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh :

Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh and his campaign aired thad ad that expressed about Abu El Fotoh program and promises to restore security in the first 100 days of his election and to make Egypt one of the strongest 20 countries in the world in the upcoming world.

He spoke about justice , about values , in nutshell he spoke about his program in few seconds in very strong voice and command.
Unlike other ads he spoke throughout it from the beginning to the end. I like the music used in the background.
There was another TV ad the campaign launched and it was so popular online , it was based upon the famous and popular operetta "El Leila El Keberia" Those who do not like Abu El Fotoh spoke about copyrights issues but without doubt children and teenagers will like this merry ad.

Ahmed Shafik :

Ahmed Shafik and his campaign got one of Egypt's biggest and oldest advertising agencies to their side , Tarek Nour communications as after months of denial Tarek Nour turns to be a supporter of Shafik.

Ahmed Shafik : The commander
The ad's name : Ahmed Shafik , the leader and it simply stresses on his leading personality indirectly as a commander, a leader who is popular among the people who will save the country.
Ahmed Shafik’s message to the farmers and workers
This ad above starts with a message to the Egyptian workers and farmers , to the working class.
Ahmed Shafik’s message to Muslims and Christians
This ad Shafik shows how he is tolerant man who got excellent relations with religious Muslim and Christian leaderships in the country.
These ads are made smartly enough by Egypt's Godfather of Egyptian advertising world showing the need of the people for a leader then showing the promises of that man to the Egyptians
After all he seemed to give him a very interesting discount for the price of this huge campaign whether on TV or in the streets when it comes to the billboards in the hottest spots in Cairo and Giza that normally worth millions.

Amre Moussa :

Amre Moussa and his campaign are speaking about the challenges are facing in Egypt showing people represented different segments and backgrounds from all over the country stressing that we will overcome these challenges if we elect the former popular FM who makes it sure that we will overcome these hardships.

Amre Moussa's ad is being mocked because it reminded people with another popular TV ad about margarine with his motto.

Hamdeen Sabbahi :

Hamdeen Sabbahi , the man who is one from us as his campaign's motto says.
I do not like it , I feel that I am lost in the ad though despite it makes it clear that Egypt needs a just a just president
There are new TV ads released by Hamdeen Sabbahi campaign that have been aired in the last two days.
Here Hamdeen Sabbahi himself speaks about his respect to Islam and Islamic teachings in direct message for the conservative in the country.
Hamdeen Sabbahi : Meet the guy

Here Hamdeen Sabbahi’s campaign reminds the people with his political activism history since the famous confrontation with President Sadat in 1975.
Hamdeen Sabbahi : He is one of us
This ad just like above highlights his political history in Egypt whether as an opponent to the Mubarak and as a member of the Parliament who defends the rights of the Egyptian people.

Mohamed Morsi :

Mohamed Morsi The Muslim brotherhood candidate who is only popular in the brotherhood and its faithful followers depend totally in their campaign about "Al Nahada" {Renaissance} economic presidential program to promote him against other candidate.
"We want a president" The first ad of Morsi says so adding that this president should be Morsi.

This ad reminds me with Amr Moussa's ad.
I like how it showed the Nubians , Sinai locals and disabled.
Of course I do not know why they only included veiled girls in the ads and showed one unveiled lady in a shot about Muslim Christian unity.

In this ad , it simply says "It is time to work" {I do not like it because it seems that we are wasting our time partying now} and ends with " Renaissance .. it is the well of the people"

Mohamed Salim El Awa :

Islamist presidential candidate Mohamed Salim El Awa's campaign motto is "With Justice Egypt will live" and his ads revolves about that motto.

This ad is speaking about equality and justice , the young man in the start of the ad is a singer called "Essaf" who won in some "American idol" style TV show from several years ago.

This ad highlights the Egyptian Nubians in Egypt and the need for justice , highlighting an ethnic minority that needs justice and got a very important cause in Egypt. It is too short though

I like how his ad highlighted the discrimination the local Bediouns in Sinai face but it is too short. It is extremely important because it speaks about an important problem for a marginalizing ethnic minority in Egypt.

This ad the campaign speaks about restoring our dignity as Egyptians abroad by highlighting the treatment of some Egyptians in some foreign airports and how the foreigners will be treated the same.

Now which ad do you like and why aside from the presidential candidates personalities ??
Please tell me


  1. Eventhough, i don't like Al Awa, his Ad is technically good and the way he tackled the equality problem is a well done job.

  2. I have no opinion on all the ads expect for shafik. His ad makes me feel like he's a revolutionary

  3. I will vote for Abouel Fotouh inshaAllah, but Amr Moussa's ad is very nice. However, my favorite ad is not featured in this post- the puppet one for Abouel Fotouh that reminds me a little of the Vodafone commercials:

  4. These ads don't reflect leadership or presidential quality, rather the cinematic work of the director and production group. If you swap the candidates between the ads there will be little difference.

  5. I don't think any of these commercials give the right message, they're just a bunch of promises that are almost all the same for all candidates. They don't don't reflect the uniqueness of every candidate. The ones with the candidate speaking is way better though.

    P.S. For Awwa's first two commercials you've embedded a playlist instead of the video, so it shows many other videos that are not TV ads. Thought I'd let you know =)

  6. I don't like any commercial. Non of those people talk about the martyrs or the objectives oft he revolution. And all they talk about is work work work... As if the egyptians were lazy

  7. To me Abu El Fotoh's ads seem the best, also most positive and hopeful, Shafiq's is creepy and Amr Moussa's is boring. Which is Zenobia's favorite?

  8. I voted for Mohamed Morsi "1" as i liked the idea but it doesn't mean he is my favorite president
    Actually I'm living outside Egypt, votes will be opened for us after tomorrow and i didn't identify my president yet to vote :)

  9. Here is another video which shows that Abou El Fotouh is a pathological liar. I understand that some people specially young revolutionaries may fall for the way he talks and chants with them. What I don't understand is that some intellectuals are still passionately supporting him. I will cast my vote on Friday for Amr Moussa inchallah. BTW Moussa's Ad is the best.

  10. I'm loving the second ad for AbolFotoh

    I'm a sucker for anything related to El Leila el Kebeera :)


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