Monday, May 7, 2012

And France has got a new president called #Hollande

Dear Egyptian chronicles readers meet France’s new president Françoise Hollande , the second socialist president to rule France after Francoise Mitterrand
President Hollande of France
The 24th President of France is a socialist and he won in the runoff of the French presidential elections by 51.9% of the votes.
Of course I will not deny that I am happy that Sarkozy has lost the elections , the dear friend of Mubarak.
What I care is now the Egyptian French Relations post revolution in time of new presidents , not only a new president as insh Allah hopefully we will have a new president in 3 months. We are speaking about economic relations , political relations as well military relations aside from cultural relations.
We used to have good relations with Mitterrand so I wonder how it will be the relations not only with Hollande but with Mr. X who will become Egypt’s fifth president insh Allah.
Now this is a fact that the Egyptian national TV announced that Hollande won before he was officially declared the winner in his own country by 40 minutes !! 


  1. The first name spells "François" (Hollande and Mitterand).

  2. Indeed... Francoise is a woman's name... France ain't unfortunately ready for a woman at the helm...


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