Sunday, May 6, 2012

Is not this conflict of Interest ?

Dr. Mohamed Morsy , the official presidential candidate of Muslim brotherhood in the presidential race and the leader of the Freedom and Justice Party has got two children that were born in California , United States.
According to all sources his children got the American citizenship.
Now Morsy is not the only one to have children or grandchildren with American citizenship because I think that Amr Moussa’s grandson is also a British citizen as his father Ahmed Ashraf Marwan got the British citizenship and his daughter lived in UK during their marriage. “They divorced later and Hania Moussa lives in Egypt
There is nothing in the current presidential elections law that speaks about the presidential candidates’ offspring nationality but one must wonder about their loyalty and the conflict of interest here especially when it comes to Morsy’s children and grandchildren as we are dealing with the American Egyptian very critical and complicated relationships here.
It is not about racism here but we need a direct answer and a guarantee that Egypt’s best interest will be above all.


  1. Amr Moussa's father is half-British? Hello!

    Wasn't Abu Ismael disqualified because his mother was half-American?!

    1. Had to read the sentence twice myself but I think what it means it that Amr Moussa's son (Ahmed Ashraf Marwan) has a British passport and thus Amr Moussa's grandson has one too...

  2. The issue here is transparency and hypocrisy. If a politician is building his assets on rejection and animosity to foreign and western values, at the time members of his close family are enjoying the fruits of these rejected values. In other words, these politicians want to rule Egypt but prefer not to live in it.

    People travel. Yet there is a difference between the elite who elect to immigrate to western country (or carry passport as a status symbol), and those who suffer from poverty and long unemployment. The first group gets top political positions in any change, and the second group ends in capsized boat on the coast of Italy.

  3. Mohamed El Naschie spews anti-Western vitriol when he's in Egypt, while living the good life in Surrey, England. His kids are British citizens.

  4. I saw Mohamad Morsi this afternoon in Luxor. he spoke about freedoms for Egyptians and everyone being equal under the law. I wanted to ask him one question ' what would he do to grant women more equality in Egypt' However questions were not allowed. I had a photo taken in a group with him but he refused to have one taken just with me, perhaps because I don't wear hijab. On another note, this was at the winter palace luxor where the chef had prepared a huge feast including 100 pigeons stuffed with prawns for him and his entourage before they all flew back to Cairo. I don't know if he managed to visit any hospitals or places that poor people be at and there are plenty of those in Luxor but I hope he did as that is what the Muslim Brotherhood are supposed to be all about I thought.

  5. The hypocrisy of Egyptian elite was obvious to me when I lived in Egypt for 21 years....most of them carried a foreign passport and all of them kept the bulk of their money in a foreign bank outside Egypt.
    These people selfishly sought to secure themselves and their assets because they suspected the stability of their own country.

  6. This is an interesting issue.
    They will answer you that they got the American citizenship by birth.
    OK, was this enforced?
    Couldn't he turn it down?
    Why did he take his wife with him while she was pregnant and didn't leave it in Egypt alongside her family at least?
    Why are they both carrying dual citizenship till this day?

    The guy wanted his children to carry the American citizenship. Period.

    1. Hi just came across this posting while searching for information on morsi. Would love to know if Morsi and his wife have dual citizenship, can you advise me on where I can find this out. I'm asking because of his new decree which forces dual nationality residents to sell their properties to an Egyptian within 6 months. Hard to believe !! but it's true, I'm a brit living in Sharm and all foreigners here are worried so any help would be appreciated, thanks.

  7. Hello,

    I have been following your blog for some time now and appreciate your insights.

    I am an Egyptian American living in California. I don't understand why it would be automatically a conflict of interest if a presidential candidate has children or grandchildren of non-Egyptian citizenship. I mean maybe in this specific case with Morsy it is such, but all the Egyptian Americans that I know are very, very against the US involvement in Egypt, especially when it comes to military aid that they are providing SCAF. So when I read this post I couldn't understand why, hypothetically, if a family member of mine in Egypt were to want to run for political office, the fact that I am an American citizen would prevent that. And furthermore, anyone who is born in the US is citizen, so if you were born here but lived all your life in Egypt, you would still have US citizenship (this is not the case in the UK though). I think it makes obvious sense for a president of a country to just have citizenship with the country in which they are a leader, but the children or grandchildren thing doesn't make sense to me.

    I would appreciate hearing your thoughts in response! :)


    1. Hello again, want to update you as to why knowing if Morsi has an American passprt is important. He issued a new law in Sept 2012 which changes ownership of property for foreigners. This law was only revealed to the public in the last week of Nov 2012. Its long and complicated but basics are:
      1.Foreigners can only buy the property, not the land it sits on for 50 years and there are no inheritance rights.
      2.Egyptians with dual nationalities MUST sell their properties within 6 months of this law and if not the Government will buy the property at a price they decide on!!
      3.Egyptians with a foreign parent cannot own or buy a property!!
      The feeling is this is the beginning of Morsi making Egypt an Islamic state and keeping it thoroughbred.
      How is democracy working here if they are already discriminating against born Egyptians?
      Lots of other decrees since this first one and getting very confusing as one law contradicts the next decree so foreigners here panicking as to their future. We have many foreigners married to Egyptians so this law affects thousands of them and their children as the inheritance law only applies to Egyptians with both parents born in Egypt.
      I had this thought about Morsi, he lived in USA for a long time and his children were born there so I was trying to find out if he and his wife had dual nationality, just any evidence we as a group are trying to find to pass on to the lawyers to try and reverse this law. Investment, jobs and tourist industry will be affected by this law, everyone here, including Egyptians are afraid of the future. If you read this and can help us find out this information....we would be grateful. My email is: and one of the groups can be found on Facebook under ...Ownership Rights in Sinai, thanks for your time, hope to receive a reply

  8. I want to point out that President Obama's father was a foreign national, not American. Obama went to elementary school in Indonesia. But, only paranoid extremist idiots in America question Obama's loyalty to the United States.

    As an American, I personally wish we had a president with more international life experience and foreign family members who would question the entrenched myth of "American exceptional-ism" and go about improving our foreign policy and foreign trade. Having a complex understanding of the world outside Egypt and an understanding of the complexity of all the different ideological nuances and powerful players can be a positive for a new president.

  9. I don't think the nationality of offspring is an issue of conflict of interest. But I also do not agree that the nationality of parents is one.

    However, the rule explicitly says that people with parents of dual nationality can't run for presidency, while people with offspring with duel nationality can.

    That is stupid. Plain and simple.

    IMO, the only rule should affect the person themselves - THEY should not carry a dual nationality. That is the only issue of conflict of interest. Any other case and you are blaming someone for the choices others made.

    If my mum decided to get another nationality 30 years ago for example, why is it my fault? Why would you prevent me from running now?

  10. His children obtained the citizenship by birth. Anybody born in the United States automatically obtains the country's citizenship. (As is in my case.)

  11. I don't think Nationality and citizenship necessarily is a conflict of interest - but the fact that you as a presidential candidate aren't allowed to have parents with dual nationality but children is hypocritical. you don't have an influence on your parents citizenship, but you surely do have all the say about your children.
    that law is weird anyhow...


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