Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ideas after the Abassiya II defeat

We are the product of reactive social culture , we never take proactive steps except so rarely ; this is a fact we can not deny.

For a year the activists , revolutionary youth and their supporters on twitter and Facebook have kept warning us from the Romanian scenario and how after the execution of CeauSesCu the military rule sabotaged the Romanian revolution in its own way and how SCAF is following the steps of their Romanian countrpart yet strangely all the time the activists and Opinion leaders in Egypt did not tell us for real how to avoid this scenario in the real world. In fact proudly activists and opinion leaders are participating in making this scenario a reality with their revolutionary romanticism and arrogance and by failing in every trap made for them.

The political game between SCAF and MB as well the rise of the Salafist power and the release of Islamist Jihadi icons made many people fear from Algerian scenario. We even got people now who believe that army soldiers are ordered to have beards in order to infliterate sits in like the last one and create chaos in order to scare the public from the return of terroirsm years. Yes there are question marks about the Islamist Jihadi Salafist groups in Sinai but again what did our elite activists to avoid this scenario ? Nothing , they are even participating in making this scenario a reality as they walk in to the traps and unneeded battles just because of revolutionary solidarity.

By the way after Abassiya II battle the Islamists especially from young Salafists are starting to turn against SCAF , of course anarchists and socialists will love but this is just like playing with fire that burned us before. I donot wish or hope for Algerian scenario.

I know that anarchists and socialists are waiting for the real revolution , where all the people suffer especially from the working classes, minorities and soldiers against the regime and the rich classes as well religious institutions , they think that the more people clash with the regime and more people die , thus revolution will come sooner as we think. Unfortunately these guys live in their world without any regard to the complexity of Egypt's sitatuition or the egyptian society now.

We got some adrenaline junkies who should be treated ASAP.

The elite activists kept mocking Tawfik Okasha and his style but after the battle of Abassiya II , we have underestimated him and his popularity in the Egyptian street. Many Egyptians do not watch ONTV as we do and many of them do not understand the sophisticated introductions of Yosri Fouda or others from prominent figures from the pro-revolution intelligentsia.

Okasha and before him Amr Adeeb knew how to reach to the simple average Egyptian using the funny streetwise language, we considered him the village idiot but in the end we are the ones that turned to be the village idiots with their media bubble. We are speaking to ourselves in the end of the day as it turned out after the clash of civilization with the locals in Abassiya.

The young revolutioinaries do not think with their minds , they only think with their emotions. I wish they read "The art of war" and understand it.

We have not restored the rights of the revolution martyrs in early 2011 , all what we are doing is increasing the number of the martyrs foolishly.


  1. Well,,you got that right Zee,,,about us not doing anything to counterattack the Romanian scenario ...and how we became far from the street each day specially with the media plays against the revolution on every paper and every channel...but here you yourself did not present any idea to discuss in these aspect...we need to organize a forum to share solutions and out of the box ideas instead of repeating our wailing and crying over the shed milk. I really wish you present this as you have many more followers than me ..we can make this event public and bring all the interested people (just like tweet nadwa but bigger) and discuss "solutions to save the revolution"

  2. The revolutionary youth are now drunk on their own ego and celebrity. They will destroy the revolution and they have mide it bloodier by their arrogance.

  3. Dearest Zeinobia , it is not just the idea that young revolutionaries think with their emotions ,it is the lack of "Vision" .. which probably would have been enhanced with the presence of a "Leader"...

    Coming to "Okasha"... I am telling you that with this man pace , in next presidential election it will be a sweeping victory for him...We should start immigration visa process soon :)))


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