Thursday, May 10, 2012

#Egyelections: The presidential candidates platforms

It is only 72 hours from the actual start of the presidential elections as Egyptians abroad will inaugurate officially the elections in the Egyptian embassies and consulates in all over the world on May 11th,2012.
Strangely despite the presidential elections will start after few hours and we have not seen any presidential platforms except from 7 presidential candidates "Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh ,Ahmed Shafik, Amre Moussa , Mohamed Morsi , Khlaed Ali , Hamdeen Sabbahi and Mohamed Salim El Awa" out of 13 candidates !!
Here are the Presidential candidates Platforms in Arabic arranged by the presidential candidates' names below after the break.
Here is Abu El Fotoh's platform. It is called "Strong Egypt"
Ahmed Shafik has just issued his presidential platform only on Thursday "10/5" and his campaign has not posted it yet on the campaign's official website  The only thing I know about it that it is called " The New Era , Better home for great nation"
Here is Moussa's platform that is called "Rebuilding Egypt"
Here is Hamdeen's Platform in his official website. 
Here is Khaled Ali's platform that is called "Egypt, the revolution which I combined from his official website. It is made of three part , one about politics and economy in general , the second is about Egyptian agriculture in specific and the third is about environment.
Here is Morsi's platform , the famous "Renaissance platform" of the Muslim brotherhood"

Here is El Awa's platform in his official website and it is very , very short platform presented in single phrases in a drop-down menu !!!!!!!!!!!
The rest are technically sharing their platforms on TV shows and that's it. Now in general most platforms are similar but there are some difference for instance Morsi's platforms aka the MB's renaissance platform is a neoliberal where as Abu El Fotoh's economic platform leans little to the left but unlike leftist Khaled Ali when it comes to the economy. Hamdeen Sabbahi still calls Israel as the Zionist entity despite he makes it clear that he respects all the treaties and agreements Egypt signed including Camp David. Already all the candidates make sure of hinting out this point to calm down the majority of Egyptians before the international community. Khaled Ali is the only who spoke
The first hundred days in presidency is another common promise , you got Abu El Fotoh promising the people with security and stability in the first 100 days and Moussa promising the people that he will turn Egypt upside down in the first 100 days.
To be honest I have not read all these platforms till the end.
Abu El Fotoh , Amr Moussa and Mohamed Morsi got the same plans when it comes to Sinai.
They are all stress on justice , democracy , transparency and security not to mention achieving #Jan25 Revolution goals.
Now here is little poll regarding the Presidential platforms


  1. Writing plans is easy, applying them is hard. That why we should choose the one who can apply, not the one who can say!

    I choose morsy :)

  2. I wish that more Egyptians, and Arabs in general would follow Hamdeen Sabahy's example, and use the term "Zionist Entity". Using the word "Israel" is sacrilegious, given that this is the name that God gave to the Prophet Jacob (peace be upon him).

  3. Khaled Ali, is the most convincing as long as Baradie is not an option.

    1. can you kindly explain more, why Khalid is the closest option for Baradie ?

  4. @Anonymous Using the word "Israel" is sacrilegious

    Hahaha you're a nutcase.

  5. To solve problems you first have to identify them. To identify them it helps to have experienced them or to have closely observed them. Khaled Ali in his legal work with impoverished workers has the best analysis of Egypts economic tangle.

    The MB and Moussa seem to prefer to carry on with the same business as usual. This won't work as a different group becomes the new wealthy elite. Why is there still poverty in the oil-rich ME states? Its Gods will. So do nothing about it. It is natural. So do nothing about it. Some people are luckier and work harder. So do nothing about it. Muslims give charity. So do nothing about it.

    Always remember, never forget there would be no Arab Spring if a penniless,jobless market trader hadn't burnt himself to death. What are the candidates going to do to address this problem.

    Although El Fotoh generally makes a good impression and seems mature, statesman-like and Moussa comes across as competent,intelligent,cosmopolitan, I can't help thinking choosing the much younger,untested Khaled Ali would be electrifying. A real break with the past. A real Arab Spring. Risky but then people have already risked everything in the last 2 years. He should definitely be an important part of any gov't.

  6. It does indeed seem that choosing someone like Khaled Ali would be electrifying for Egypt. He reflects and exemplifies the purposes of the revolution to a high level and would be a definitive break with what has been wrong with the political system. Some of the non-front runners are worth taking a close look at. Hopefully whoever wins the presidency will appoint a cabinet that includes guys like Ayman Nour and Khaled Ali.

    I saw that Hamdeen Sabahi advocates increasing Egypt's focus on renewable energy and moving away from oil/gas/coal/etc. This is a good idea and could potentially work well if handled correctly. He specifically mentioned Egypt becoming a Middle Eastern focal point of solar energy. This might be tough to do right now with the country's economic problems, but it is important to keep in mind that panel costs have plunged in recent years and that there are European companies whose cooperation could be enlisted in gradually developing an indigenous solar industry. Egypt has a very high level of solar irradiation and is much closer to Europe than China is (thus lower transportation costs).


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