Thursday, May 10, 2012

#Egyelections : Egyptians abroad to Vote Tonight

Egyptians abroad will start officially the Egyptian presidential elections race starting from tonight based on each country’s timing when they start to choose the presidential candidates and cast their votes in the first multi-candidates presidential elections held in Egypt after the revolution of #Jan25.

Now to the language of numbers :

  • According to SPEC 586,801 Egyptians abroad have registered to vote in the presidential elections in 166 countries.
  • The top ten countries Egyptians have registered from are : Saudi Arabia “261,924” , Kuwait “119,234”, UAE “61,427” , Qatar “32,836” , USA “27,3219” , Canada “11,892” , Italy “10,038”, Oman “9109” , Britain “6,225” and France “5925”
  • Here is the guidelines and procedures of elections guidelines for Egyptians abroad by SPEC. 

Now Egyptians in Eastern USA can go to the official website of the Egyptian consulate In New York city to the follow the presidential elections voting procedures.

Egyptian community members in Kuwait report that the Egyptian ambassador there refused to let a local Kuwaiti NGO to observe the Presidential elections to observe the elections despite it was granted the right to observe the elections before in Egypt and in other countries. Of course this NGO may have not granted the right to observe the elections from SPEC and not the embassy. Still according to tweep Hossam El Amir there are no transparent boxes for elections in the embassy.

The Presidential candidates are trying to reach for the Egyptians abroad vote. Some presidential candidates have already travelled and met some members of Egyptian communities in several Arab and European in the past months since 2011 like Hisham El Bastawisi , Abu El Fotoh and Amr Moussa.

Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim brotherhood addressed the Egyptians abroad in video message in English and please do not ask me why Morsi would address them in English !!

Mohamed Morsi addresses Egyptians abroad.

From two days ago there was a meeting between the representatives of Egyptian abroad and members of the Egyptian community in New York.

Some may predict that based on the results of the parliamentary elections of “2011-2012” and the fact that Egyptians in the gulf registered more than in any country that most of the votes will go to the Islamists especially to Muslim brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi. I hate to say just like back home , nobody does to which lucky candidate most of the votes in the first round will head to.

Now I must remind you that one of the biggest democratic achievements of January 25th Revolution that we should not forget was restoring the right of Egyptians abroad to vote. I really want to thank those Egyptian citizens who live in countries most of the Egyptians back home ignore that they exist yet they were keen enough to register like for instance that Egyptian in Moldavia and those three Egyptians in Trinidad and Tobago.

Sources : SPEC official website

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