Wednesday, May 30, 2012

#Houlah : This will not stop the killing "Updated"

Girls from Al Houlah , I wonder if they were alive
I hope they are 
Several countries from around the globe have expelled the Syrian ambassadors as an official reaction yesterday after the terrible Al Houlah massacre . These countries are : France , Germany, Belgium , Switzerland , Spain ,Netherlands, Portugal , Italy, Australia , Bulgaria , Canada and New Zealand 
Now Japan joined the countries that have expelled the Syrian ambassador for Al Houlah massacre !!
France was first followed by Germany and it was matter of hours other EU and foreign countries followed that step that is considered an important international escalation.
The White House issued this statement : Despite every option is currently on the table , the US direct military intervention would cause more chaos in the country. Hilary Clinton , the secretary of state also issued a statement regarding the massacre.
The US will not send its troops except after the scene is ready for the cavalry as at the same time it has got presidential elections in November , its most Important and biggest alley in the region “Egypt” is on the verge of the unknown.
Meanwhile Saudis especially from conservative Saudis are angry because allegedly Saudi authorities banned them from collecting donations for Syria. Some Saudi activists claim that the king is busy with the Egyptian presidential elections and thus he does not care about Syria !!!!!
Meanwhile in Egypt there will be a protest in Cairo in front of the Syrian embassy in Garden City next Thursday at 5 PM to condemn Al Houlah massacre.
Late Basel 
Unfortunately this will not end the killing taking place and the blood rivers in Syria as time sooner.
Yesterday we found out that cinematographer and activist Basel Shehade was killed in Homs and up till now there are talks between the UN and the regime in Syria to restore the body of Fulbright scholar studying filmmaking at the University of Syracuse in the States.
Shehade left his study in the States and returned to joined the revolution where he headed to Homs from three months ago to become one of the famous video-journalists there where he also trained about 15 citizen journalists there “He reminds me with Mosireen team
The Damascus born has become now the most famous Christian martyr to be killed in the Syrian revolution.
Here is Basel Shehade’s Vimeo Channel where he uploaded his projects including a short clip about a young Lebanese boy who survived the Lebanon Israel war in 2006.

Here is a short documentary Basel produced while in the States about Syrian uprising called “Singing to Freedom” featuring Noam Chomsky and Amy Goodman.
Singing to Freedom Part.1
Here is also his YouTube Channel
Now it is not a sectarian war as the regime in Damascus is trying to turn it ,May Basel become the Mina Daniel of Syria revolution. To be honest I want the Syrian regime to kill a martyr from every sect in Syria in order to unite it again.
Late Basel 
Now I will end with photo from Aleppo , the Aleppo girl Lujain , the one year dear baby whose daddy was killed before seeing her.
Baby Lujain

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  1. A lot of good people have died and are dying in Syria. Including Marie Colvin and recently a no. Syrian reporters.

    The Syrian gov't could face lawsuits for these murders. Some of these are easy to prove but will Egypt suppost this or will they do what they did when the other Bashir (Omar Bashir) came to visit and ignore the lawsuits? Whats the
    difference between the 2 Bashirs.


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