Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Language of numbers : The Egyptian Presidential elections “Updated”

Here are important numbers and facts about presidential elections in Egypt :

  • After 12 hours Egyptians will vote in the first presidential elections ever.
  • This is the first real multi-candidate presidential elections in the history of Egypt.
  • The number of registered eligible voters inside Egypt is : 50,407,266
  • The number of judges participating in this election is : 14,509
  • The number of the general polling stations in the country is : 351
  • The number of polling stations is : 9334
  • The number of subsidiary poll stations : 13, 097
  • The women judges participating in the elections as supervisors :1400 , 200 of them will participate in mixed polling stations and 1200 will participate in women polling stations.
  • The ladies wearing Niqab will have to show their faces for the women judges.
  • We have got realistically 11 candidate running for the position.
  • The police and the army “paratroops , special forces and air forces as well navy forces” are participating in securing the elections.
  • PM Kamel Ganzoury issued an order to all ministries and official agencies to give its employees a day off to vote in the elections whether on Wednesday or Thursday. Many companies are giving days off to their employees on Thursday to vote.
  • There are two problems I think people have ignored.
  • The eligible voters who work in tourism away from their registered home towns like for instance those from Upper Egypt and work in Gouna can’t vote.
  • Same issue or problem is faced by Egyptians who work in oil fields.


  1. Zeinobia, why didn't they allow tourism workers to vote away from their hometowns?

  2. nice opinion.. thanks for posting.

  3. @Midiane
    They did not allow this because tourism workers are registered on lists in their hometowns and one cannot vote if not on the list (which is the case for tourism workers: they are not on the lists in the cities where they work).
    In my opinion, it is stupid not to allow them to vote.


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