Monday, June 18, 2012

The constitutional declaration annex aka The Salmi document 2012

And SCAF has issued the awaited Constitutional declaration to determine the powers of the upcoming president who will be known for real by the morning.The annex in brief is the old Salmi document that proposed as a supplement for the constitution and suggested special place for SCAF and the army in even worse way as it stripped the president from any control on the army till allegedly we get a new constitution.
  • According to This annex SCAF got legislative power and is responsible for the public budget !!!!
  • According to this annex SCAF appoints the commanders of the army which means the loyalty of the army will be for SCAF and its commanders in a way that reminds me with Turkey. SCAF controls everything related to the army to the level that the president can not declare a war without the approval of SCAF.
  • The president, SCAF , supreme courts can remove the articles that they are 'against the revolution goals' or that they do not from the draft constitution !! "in other word , SCAF will keep the articles they want and remove what they do not want which means special position for the army
  • The constitutent assembly should be formed within a week by SCAF.
MB's Mohamed Albeltagy issued a strong statement against the annex considering it as another indication on the military coup we are having in Cairo.Dr.Mohamed ElBaradei also slammed it. Kolena Khaled Said Page made an event online to show the refusal of the Egyptian public online.
We do not know yet the results of the elections ,some suspect that this annex means Morsi will become a president because according to it he will have no poor !! Well guess what I always expect the worst with SCAF nowadays and may be Shafik will be the president and as a military man they fear that he would turn against them.
More to come insh Allah this is too much for my brain to process right now.


  1. Call me ignorant but why would Shafik turn on the military when they have all the power right now? Or is that just a hope?

  2. as you said, this is a military coup. morsi shouldn't accept it, FJParty/Ikhwan should refuse it and we MUST NOT accept it.


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