Saturday, June 2, 2012

#June2 : The photos of the Day

Today was a big day marked in the history of modern Egypt as the day where Egypt’s former president is being sentenced 25 years in jail. “Despite he can appeal the verdict”. Here are the best photos of the day.

Mubarak in the cage , nice watch "Reuters" 

Gamal and Alaa happy "Reuters"
A Mubarak supporter attacking Italian photojournalist "Reuters"
Anyone noticed a revolution ? "Getty" 
Hamdeen Sabbahi in Tahrir and Syrian flag "Reuters" 

Tahrir square protesting "Reuters"

Regardless of what happened later we should revise the photos taken there.


  1. Some people, but not many, saw signs from the beginning that the trials were a trick to absorb popular anger. You can't expect the old regime to prosecute his leaders. A conviction of one would automatically convict many many others involved in the same crime. There is a lot of black boxes. So the verdict was a symbolic scape goats (with Mubark in Club Med). With acquittals, what is so called the third party is alive and well. A lot will be seen, look for Jamal resurrection.
    Lesson learned: you don't have power until you have power

  2. Mubarak's wrist watch is worth 133,000 L.E. whereas the average per person income in Egypt about $16 per day!

  3. Adley greeted by officer as he leaves court smiling!!!

  4. Gamal will be president in 2016


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