Saturday, June 23, 2012

#Sudan Revolts : It is getting serious

Ok at the same time the Presidential elections results action movie is reaching to its climax , things are developing rapidly in Khartoum with the increase of protests in the city.
It is no longer students protests , it is developing to something else and unfortunately media is not paying attention as usual. We have to pay attention to this uprising in Sudan and support the people’s demand , we paid a lot as a country for keeping silence on the crimes of El Bashir , enough is enough.
Anyhow enough of speaking and useless introduction , this is a blog not a news website. Today as soon as Friday prayers finished protests have not stopped till this late hour in several areas in . The protests of today are called among Sudanese according to Girfana activists : Sandstorm Friday. The rallies just like in Egypt and Syria started from mosques. Regimes should not underestimate any economic decision that would affect the people’s lives anymore.
A protest from Al Abyad area "Sudan motion" 
The protests are still going in this late hour in Wad Nubawi “In Omdurman”, Jara and Sahafa area in Khartoum
Protesters at Sahafa street in Khartoum "Sudan Motion"

The security forces began to use more violence in cracking down the increasing protests with the increasing use of tear gas against protesters and their arrests. Here is a photo showing a security truck used to arrest protesters today in Khartoum.
The truck by Girfana Media
Many protesters have been arrested today including the members of Girfana who have become the new headache. Some activists have been released  hours after their arrests while other activists have been released till this hour including my dear tweep friend Usama Mohamed aka @simsimt. “His last tweep is from 7 hours ago and he was seen for the last time in a demo in  Burri area.”
Based on information from Sudanese netizens 60 protesters have been arrested.

Protesters at Wad Nabawy area "Sudan Motion"

Protesters at Al Nil city "Sudan Motion"
The last arresting raid I have read was at the HQ of Sudanese Congress Party where 9 have reportedly arrested including its political secretary Mastour Ahmed. 
There are rumors that the central security soldiers in Sudan joined the protesters , I do not know how correct these rumors
Egyptian blogger Wael Abbas from couple of hours ago said that he got a tip that the internet may be cut off in Sudan. The news already created buzz online. Now from what I understand till this hour the internet is working but according to inside sources from the government , this option is on the table.
Here a compilation of videos I found today from Sudan showing the protests that you do not see in your usual news channel.

Omdurman : Wad Nabawy protest
Here is another protest late night in Khartoum where protesters chant “People want Freedom , peace and Justice”
Khartoum : People want Freedom , Peace and Justice
Source : Sudan Motion


  1. I always said that Sudan is a failed state (and we are close to being one too thanks to army and felool!) so it is about time the the Sudanese are claiming their country back from the oppressor Al Basheer.

  2. Fulool?

    Fulool what or who?

    The Islamists brought Sudan to the state it's in today and the Sudanese are claiming their nation back from them.

    1. Basheer is no Islamist. He's a populist.

      Plus, what did secularism do for Sudan for 30 years after independence?

      That's right. Nothing.

  3. Bashir must go by now, he have done warst thing on earth. 2 millions South Sudanese and thousands of South Khartdufan citizen have been dying from hunger and Darfur people are been kill every day. Enought is Enought


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