Thursday, June 21, 2012

#Sudan Revolts : Now The regime targets journalists and bloggers !! #FreeSalma

This is the sort of news I do not want to cover or write. My dear sweet friend Salma Al Wardany , Al Ahram Online journalist and Bloomberg’s correspondent in Khartoum has been arrested while covering the protests at the University of Khartoum.
El Wardany was arrested by the NISS “Sudan’s National Sudanese State security” along with blogger and tweep Maha El Senoussy.
Salma’s mobile phone was switched from short awhile ago , we can not get in to her. Even Bloomberg failed to reach to her. Her last tweet is from three hours. These are the tweets both young ladies wrote in their twitter accounts

There is no information to where they have been taken to according to Sudanese activists and tweeps.
We need more info as well more more noise only. I do not even know we should contact the Egyptian embassy or not !!
According to the citizen journalists and tweeps in Khartoum several activists have been arrested today. They also report that the students that were arrested yesterday have been sentenced to lashing for protesting !!
If you know anything or you can help , please do Salma’s family and friends in Cairo including me are extremely worried.


Good news Al Ahram contacted the ministry of foreign affairs and according to minister of foreign affairs' spokesperson she will be released. Salma spoke to her sister dear Lina and she told her that she is fine but is being interrogated and has not been released yet.
According to Sudanese activist she can be deported today.
Another good news is that Maha Senoussy has been released as well.
According to Sudanese activists , Salma and Maha were being interrogated at the Sudanese intelligence for 5 hours.

@4:43 PM 

Salma has been released , she does not know if she is going to be deported or  not , she was not mistreated. Thank Goodness.


  1. Be afraid, be very afraid because that is the what will happen to the freedom of the Press in Egypt if Morsy wins, Shariáa will rule, lashes and caneing will be the punshiment. Good luck trying to voice your mind out and oppose the MB.

  2. I just read on Al Akhbar website that she was freed after the intervention of the Egyptian forign ministery. Kodos to the Ministrey!!!!!

  3. Sudanese Observer6/22/2012 01:26:00 AM

    Well done to Salma for her courage & 7amdilla 3as-salaama.

    She is in tune with the feelings of the Sudanese youth.

    You see, we don't hate all things Egyptians, as you (and others) allege.

    Whether or not Salma will be allowed to continue with her journalistic work in Sudan, she has served as a good example of the triumph over the principles of transparency and truth, over oppression and intimidation.

    And no I don't think that Morsy will follow the worst example in the world that was set by Sudan's Islamists since 1989.
    He is more likely to follow Erdogan's example.


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