Saturday, June 2, 2012

The trial of the century : Season 1 Finale

And the trial of the century’s first season finale is going to start soon and millions of Egyptians are glued in front of their TV waiting for it to start , waiting to hear the verdict.
It is @8:18 AM right now and the TV channels are broadcasting from inside and outside the courtroom. The Lawyers are inside the courtroom and according to news reports all defendants arrived except Mubarak whose ambulance has not arrived yet from the international medical center. We are waiting for him for the trial’s session would start !!
The security convey by Ali Dahmash
Egyptian journalist Nadia Abu El Maged is inside the courtroom but unfortunately she will not be tweeting from there because mobile phones and water are not allowed there !!
There is technically an army protecting the police academy in a way that makes me mad about all those millions spent to secure such a trial. The police has deployed 5000 policemen and 50 armored vehicles.  There are army forces as well protecting the academy.
According to my friends at the Police academy the Mubarak supporters are not that many compared to the other sessions. The families of the martyrs are protesting outside the Police academy chanting “Wake up Mubarak and get up , today is the final day” and “Execute him , execute him”.
Here is a photo by CNN’s Ben Wedeman showing the families of the martyrs.

@8:27 AM

Mubarak’s helicopter has arrived at the International medical center !!

According to a report published by Reuters written by its military correspondent in Egypt , Mubarak may continue staying at the luxurious medical center even if he is sentenced. Yesterday Al Jazeera reported that Torah prison hospital was being prepared for his transfer.
Here is a reminder of Mubarak’s trial in numbers.
You can follow the trial on twitter on these hashtags : #MubarakTrial and Mubarak in Trial in Arabic #Mubaraktrial
You can watch it alive on ONTV Live broadcast on YouTube.
Here is a shot showing the court room by Sarah El Deeb.

@8:48 AM CLT

The families of the victims have set a ladder , the symbol of presidential candidate Ahmed Shafik on fire. Shafik was the last PM appointed by Mubarak.
The Ministry of health has deployed 10 ambulances as well 3 clinics just for emergencies.
Here is a photo for one of Mubarak’s supporters at the court by Rawya Rageh.
Here is one of the famous Mubarak’s daughters speaking to the media by the original DNE. The pro-Mubarak supporters are located at another gate in the police academy.

@9:16 AM CLT

It seems that the trial will be delayed till Mubarak arrives. It is expected to start at 10 AM. The judge has arrived. There are thousands of documents complied besides the court panel.
It is worth to mention that there is one defendant who is not in the court room other than Mubarak : Hussein Salem who is currently in Spain.
Despite Smoking is not allowed in the courtroom , lawyers are smoking from what I see on TV.

@9:22 AM CLT

The Helicopter of Mubarak took off from the international medical center heading to the police academy at Nasr City. According to the correspondent Judge Rafeat ordered the families of martyrs who got no permits to leave the court room,only those with permits are allowed to stay including a handful group of journalists.

@9:36 AM CLT

Mubarak has arrived at the court , he is wearing a training suit and sun glasses , he is laying on a stretcher. “By Sherif Kouddous

The arrival of Mubarak
Mubarak’s arrival
I notice that the special forces from police are in the scene , I do not see army special forces like before.

@9:48 AM CLT

According to Al Masry Al Youm Khadija El Gamal and Heidi Raskh , the wives of Gamal and Alaa Mubarak arrived outside the court.
The judges arrived at the court panel.

@9:58 AM CLT

The trial has started. Mubarak entered the cage after Alaa, Gamal and El Adly as well other defendants.

The people cheered against Mubarak called him “Pharaoh”
Judge Rafeat called the defendants and Mubarak answered “ I am here”.
Mubarak : I am here

@10:03 AM CLT

Judge Rafeat is now speaking about the verdict, he seems to be nervous. He will give 3 minutes for each defendant to speak.
Judge Rafeat is speaking now , he is addressing the public in a very emotional speech praising the revolution and slamming the former regime in a way that scaring me because I do not want any shocks.
El Adly , Gamal and Alaa Mubarak seemed to be nervous.

@10:32  AM CLT

The sentences :

Mubarak and El Adly took life sentences while all the senior police general “all of the 6 including the corrupted Hassan Abdel Rahman and Ismail El Shaer” were acquitted.
Mubarak , his sons and Salem were acquitted in the corruption case because it was an old one.
The trial’s documents lack proper evidence to convict all the police generals !!
These sentences can create bloody chaos in the country.
The sentence
There are clashes inside the court , the lawyers and people inside it kept screaming “The people want to purge the judiciary”

@12:10  PM CLT

I am angry and frustrated , it is not June 2nd but rather June 5th !! A big stab. 
There have been clashes between the families of the martyrs and the security forces outside the court where the security forces used tear gas grenades. 
The public prosecutor has ordered the transfer of Mubarak to Torah prison hospital and his helicopter has arrived there already. 
Alaa and Gamal Mubarak will not be released because they are detained pending investigation in the stock market case of EFG Hermes !! Already it is safer for them there now !!
The public prosecutor has appealed the verdicts so did Mubarak whose lawyer Farid El Deeb appealed. Already Mubarak can be released in the appeal so easily 
The families of martyrs are heading to Tahrir square , there are rumors that the security forces are closing the exists and entrances inside the square !! 
News coming from Suez show huge anger with thousands heading to the Al Arbin square. 
I am angry and down , it is like nightmare because now I am afraid for some peaceful revolution has failed to achieve justice.

@1:19 PM CLT

So provokingly we know that Mubarak is refusing to leave the helicopter and enter Tora prison hospital to the level Lt. General Mamdouh Shahin of SCAF went there in order to try to convince him to leave the choper !! 
There are big protests already in Alexandria , Tahrir square in Cairo and Suez. There will be several marches in Cairo this afternoon in Cairo. April 6 youth group and Hamdeen Sabbahi group invite people to go to all squares tonight.

@2:19 PM CLT

According to Egyptian TV Mubarak suffered from some health crisis , some say it is heart attack others say it is nervous background. Regardless of what he suffers , he has not left the helicopter !! 
Kolena Khaled Said , Abu El Fotouh's campaign and Sabbahi's campaign are calling the people to protest in all squares and streets. 
There has been a march in Talaat Herb street where thousands of protesters headed to the Supreme court , the HQ of the public prosecutor. Some protesters threw rocks at the building but they were stopped by other protesters who kept chanting "Peaceful, Peaceful" 
Here is a video showing the protesters at the Supreme court by Cliff Cheney 

There is unconfirmed news that Muslim brotherhood will organize rallies today against the verdict. The people area angry.

@2:47 PM CLT

The Muslim brotherhood will participate in the protests and rallies that will start moving around the country from 5 PM according its official spokesperson Mahmoud Ghozlan. 
General Hassan Abdel Fatah is still in detention as he will not be released because he is accused in the case of destroying the SS documents. 
Here is a collection of reactions after the verdict from Egyptian politicians on twitter


  1. Won't people be happy that Hosni got a life sentence? Why would this create bloody chaos?

    1. Jason, who are you? Why do you comment on Egypt's affairs? Do you have anything else to do?

    2. You're Anonymous and you're asking me who I am?

    3. This is not just about Mubarak anymore.

      All those police chiefs was acquitted, now that is reckless. Police was killing people by hordes and none is convicted of that.

      Also Gamal & Alaa Mubarak swindled money and was acquitted because of 10 year limit... See my point below, they should have been convicted.

      This is cosmetic snip, they remove Ministry of Interior and Mubarak, thats it, the remaining torturers in chiefs stays. The corrupt police state mentality is intact.

  2. Ahavat Eretz Israel6/02/2012 12:16:00 PM

    FINALLY! It took Egypt a long time, but now everything will soon be back to normal. The verdict will be reversed in a few monthes, when the masses are mellowed. Shafeek will end this uprising for good and the region will be safe again.

    1. In your dreams you zionist scum

    2. Ahavat Eretz Israel6/02/2012 05:39:00 PM

      Calm down Egyptian clown!

      You had a true chance to become a civilized democracy, and you blew it! Instead all you had to debate about was Bikinis and Camp David.

      Now you'll pay the price for such foolishness and get your old regime back. which by the way is not such a bad thing - for US roflmao

    3. Democracy is a process, not a destination you buffoon. What Egyptians have been debating about is how to get out of the throws of the organisation which is now controlled by your country and mine (the USA).

      Egyptians have been debating about a great deal of things in the past 16 months. Bikinis and Camp David, other than when your soldiers killed Egyptian ones, have been low on the priority list.

  3. The real outcome of these sentences will crystallize in time when Mubarak ends up serving his time in a nice home (hose arrest)because of health issues and the rest will have their sentences reduced because of good behavior, humane issues or some cockamamie reason.
    After all in Egypt "NO" means 'maybe' or 'yes'!

  4. @hebamorayef In reasoning judge dismissed witnesses, forensic medical reports, video footage and CSF log books as evidence, saying "not convincing"

    This tweet tells a story how well the State and Police cooperated with the "investigation"? In the end all evidence is grabage?

    What nonsense is this?

    Oh, and 10 years limit prevented convicting Gamal and Alaa for squandering Egypt's money? Buhaha! Statutory limit shouldn't apply for people who couldn't have been tried 10 years ago (they practically owned the judiciary back then)

  5. how does he refuse to leave the helicopter when he is laying on a stretcher?

  6. Anonymous: I guess it's Zenobia who decide who is to answer - if he is egyptian or not is hardly a reason for saing that he should be silenced? (-:
    Apart from that I find the whole trial a scam, Hosni Mubarak and Habib al-Adly ONLY? That's a joke, and an insult to the egyptian people - nothing less. Well I guess (hope) second part of the revolution has just started ...
    As Shahira Amin said the other day: ""we did the BEST revolution in the world...but forgot to press SAVE"

  7. The notion that there should be no trial or sentencing whatsoever is illogical and contradictory. People who espouse such always argue that murderers, theives, drug traffickers should be tried, so, according to their own logic, a dictator who committed a sizeable amount of crimes must be tried as well. However, for some reason, many of these people appear to be believe that a politican's every single whim for immunity and secrecy must be granted.

    Yes, there are plenty of people who fit this description and appear to panic at the thought that power obsessed political elites might have any type of scrutiny.

  8. Ahmed Refaat, who got appointed by Husni Mubarak himself will go down in history as the shame of Egypt. He slashed the Mubarak rule as a nightmare for every Egyptian, however, he failed to find anyone responsible for a single of the 850 murders committed. He had the powers to force the felool into submission but he failed to do so! Shame on him!

    Now it should be clear to all Egyptians who love the revolution: Islam is the only answer. Now only the Ihwan have the power to purge the system once and for all. Morsy as our President will bring all felools to justice. No one will escape! They will howl and cry and they will suffer. We need the fire of Islam to purge them from our beloved country.

  9. Just like Iran. That would be great! The tourist industry would be booming. Well maybe not, but after you starve to death you've always got paradise.

    1. Not like Iran. We are not Shi'a and btw we are no Wahabies as well. We want Islamic values for a Muslim country, because we are Muslim.

      Western values brought us Husni Mubarak - we don't need Shafik for a renewal of injustice, torture and corruption!


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