Monday, June 11, 2012

What kind of stability are you fooling the people with ?

Shafik in Today's presser "Reuters"
Presidential Candidate Ahmed Shafik had another press conference today where he opened more fire on the Muslim brotherhood directly once again , in that conference he vowed to spend the rest of his life to fight the Muslim brotherhood speaking about the how evil they are to the level of planning to sell the Suez canal. " The MB officially denied this claim"
I am ready to pay my life to save Egypt from the evil of the Muslim brotherhood
At the same he promises to bring stability for troubled Egypt, in fact this what he sells and promises people who got sick from the revolutionary moods in the country yet for any political sciences student his campaign against Muslim brotherhood and his vows to bring down the 80 years Brotherhood is a sign that Egypt will not have any kind of stability.
The tone of hatred towards the Muslim brotherhood in Shadik's camp is escalating per minute to the level you do not need too much brain to guess that Shafik will not only disband the parliament and Freedom and Justice Party "FJP" but he will repeat what happened in 1950s and 1960s against the famous brotherhood. I do not know how some may imagine that this will bring stability to the country. Disbanding the parliament and returning back the NDPians in the front "all his campaigners in Nile Delta and Upper Egypt are from NDPians" will not bring stability but will throw the country in to a turomil God only knows how it will end.
FYI The Muslim brotherhood is the biggest organized force in Egypt in the time being, something only fools can deny.
Shafik hates the revolution and the revolutionary youth can not stomach him either and are ready to go back to the streets and even die for ousting him if he is elected as a president so how the stability can be achieved ? Will it be achieved through security crackdown and return back to state security "which he believes it is still operating according to his statement to Hala Sarhan last Saturday on Rotana Masrey" ??? I think the security crackdown theory proved its failure in the Arab world especially when you are speaking about millions of frustrated young men who proved in the past year and half that they are ready to give up their lives for freedom and democracy.
Shafik will not bring any stability when all the NDP businessmen are standing besides him including the same old corrupted circle of Gamal Mubarak, I do not expect any economic stability resulted from his economic policies. "The Muslim brotherhood does not have better economic program in my point of view". In fact I fear from hunger Revolution if no economic reforms targeting social justice are applied in Egypt. Hunger revolutions in Egypt are ugly, truly ugly if you go back in our history.
Unfortunately Shafik is selling the illusion of stability for the people in the same way the Muslim brotherhood is selling to illusion of economic welfare.
Dear friends stability is not brought by security crackdown or empty threats, stability is brought by political democracy and social justice. Dear friends stability will not be brought by a man who includes Abdullah Kamel, Siyad Ali and Ahmed Moussa in his media team and his men in the governorates are the old NDPians.


  1. Youtube is the nightmare of hypocrisy, empty promises and dirty politicians. Would you please Z post a link to the clip where Shafik is parsing MB describing how he grow-up admiring their belief and dedication?

    Now he wants to connivence voters he will spend his life to save Egypt from this evil. Was he lying then or is he lying now? Actually he is always lying.

  2. Well-said - very well-said. Everything he says is such a blatant lie that it is hard to imagine anyone believing him.

    The problem is that people have become so skeptic of the revolution that they are openly willing to claim support for the old regime in the search for the fake stability they had under the evil security apparatus.

  3. All is fair in politics and elections! :-) That said, the MB also will not and cannot guarantee stability. There will be a substitution of the NDP Regime for the Murshid Regime. Maybe not immediately, buy within two years maximum. Their people will take over the Ministries of Interior, Foreign Affairs, and their people will stage silent "coups" in the Armed Forces hierarchy. If you try to rebel against them they will label you an infidel, and their mindless followers will attack you. Eventually, the Copts will have enough and call for their own State and they will receive Western support. Then the Nubians, and so forth. The Levy plan marches on. You only have to look at which proxy nation and its Media apparatus is supporting them. Then you have to look at this nation and who it aligns itself with. This is a very dangerous time for Egypt and the Middle East. France right now is in its Fifth Republic. That means the first through the fourth republics were deemed not satisfactory to the wishes and desires of the revolutionary ideals that brought them about. So tweaking was done, republic by republic until everyone is satisfied... for now. Rome was not built in a day. It will be easier to oust Shafik in case of failure than it will be to oust the MB. Beware of false prophets. This is the age of Dajaleen.
    - Yours, Damazeen

  4. Sadly, Fear remains the only driving-force that freely roams through the Egyptian psych; and regretfully such fears are valid, realistic and likely to materialize!

    I sufficiently appreciate the risks implied with both "candidates" and scarred enough, but yet cannot figure how to act on such edge!

  5. Domo
    MBs are not meant to govern. Their creation sustainability relies on playing the role of divide and concre. Who concre!!? is (are) outside forces aim for controlling Egypt means they control the region. Same story with Hamas and Fateh divide them you controland prevent presence of meaningfull Palestine. So, don't be surprised to hear the MB making all offencive divisive remarks. They don'tplan to win, being responsible, taking blames of mistakes. It is not their role. Check their inputs into political life in Egypt since King Farouk.

  6. I agree with the second anon.

  7. We need the MB as President/Government and Parliament for one purpose only: To do away with the felool once and for all. No other force in Egypt has the power to break the old regime. If Shafik wins, we will have continuity of the old ways. No reforms, no freedom but poverty, cronyism, corruption and torture.

  8. I still cannot understand how people can compare a regime (NDP) which has the blood of thousands of people on the hands, thousands of arbitrary arrests, one of the hugest corruption record in the world with a party (FJP) which has at least everything to prove in that area. Even if you consider that in a democracy, the main groups need to be represented and share power, you must admit that the political islam movements have a part to reclaim, so has the military (30-40% of the economy and in the end of the day a big influence in the society). We just wait on the liberals, seculars and leftists once they will have decided on another strategy than boycott / dismissal etc.


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