Tuesday, July 10, 2012

And it is getting sillier and sillier by the minute in Cairo !!

Just from 15 minutes ago the High Constitutional Court has suspended the President Morsi’s decree to suspend its rule to disband the Parliament !!
I know that the Presidential decrees are considered as laws and this is why the High Constitutional court overturned Morsi’s decree to overturn its rule !!
This is so annoying like a headache especially with the legal experts from both teams screaming on TV channels that they are the right and the other team is wrong.
Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr claims that Morsi will address the nation tonight yet hours later of its announcement the official spokesperson of Morsi ,Yasser Ali denied the news !!
Already we know that it is expected that he will announced the new prime minister and his cabinet n the upcoming 48 hours or less as he will head tomorrow for the first time to Saudi Arabia as a president.
Now here is a compilation of reactions I gather from twitter , not that much but it can get bigger later tonight and tomorrow.


  1. He will head to Saudi Arabia 'first time as President' ..to get his salary.... The big mess in Egypt comes from there withthe hidden blessing of Israel ( as they love to see Egypt in chaos). Egypt may better follow the Turkey model, while it is not the ideal one, but better than the mess Egypt is in and heading to.

  2. You are getting too many lunatics commenting on your articles. Those with reasonable comments that reflect the true readership should step in and write something rea,l and not pure hallucinations.

  3. I am really dreaming of another Nasser, someone who send these so called judges home, if not some jail with big garbage cans. These extreemly corrupt people has no rule implementing any of their one-sided judgments. They should really shut up, and go hide before the people are fed up. Those so called liberals, socialists, etc. should disappear too. I once thought I should give them my vote, but what they all did in the last two days exposed them as real missionaries. Few exceptions are in order: Elnaggar, Alaswany, and those independent judges Who were replaced by some few thugs I don't care to even remember their names.

  4. It seems the constitutional court works against the democratically elected institutions of the state. The fact that SCAF took over legislative and executive power seems not to concern them.

    I generally think that institutions of the state, that consist of people that were hand picked during Mubarak's dictatorship, should act humbly versus democratically elected institutions.



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