Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Is this a good time for foreign tours and visits now !?

Mohamed Morsi is supposedly going to visit Saudi Arabia tomorrow in his first presidential visits outside the country since swearing in to office earlier this month. According to some observers , the visit is important because it is a message from the Muslim brotherhood that they will turn against the kingdom especially that Morsi is invited to Iran to attend the NAM’s general assembly next August 2012.
I do not know if this good time for regional tours and visits , already I do not understand how the newly elected president Morsi will leave the country for couple of hours when he has not appointed a vice president nor a new cabinet !!! Do I need to mention the circus going concerning the fate of the elected parliament.
Morsi should postpone this visit.

Unlike what the West thinks , the Saudi and Emirati regimes are not fond of the Muslim brotherhood. Of course despite I understand why the UAE hates MB , I do not get this hate from the Saudi regime reflected in its media towards the MB !! Considering the fact that both are actual US allies and during the difficult 1960s Saudi Arabia was like an escape heaven for the MB from Nasser’s wrath !!
Already Al Sharq Al Awsat , one of the biggest Saudi newspapers published in London made the MB mad in Cairo when it published this photo of Sheikh Hassan Al Banna kissing the hand of KSA’s founder Abd Al Aziz Al Soud in a big report about the future of Saudi-MB relations. 
Also Saudi MBC's TV channels are re-airing now The brotherhood TV series that was allegedly sponsored by State security to attack the brotherhood. "The producers chose a handsome Jordanian actor to present Hassan Al Banna on screen, the result millions of teenage girls in Egypt felt sympathy with MB !!"


  1. MB and Al-Saud hate each others because they can't live in the same world. Both want to control the region. As for both being US allies this does not change the hate between them. You can view it as the cold war between new and old guards in the former NDP, both were corrupt and didn't get along well. As for 1960s, Saudi Arabia was supporting MB because they were the enemies of Nasser not because they love them much like US supported Islamic Afghanistan when they were fighting USSR.

  2. Egypt current young generation should itelligently study and search the origin of MB. They were created by the british colonials as tool to divid and concur the rulling parties (including the king), the same tool Israel created in the name of Hamas (Versus. Arafat & Fateh). Saudis are the financial tools to charge the MB batteryand keep Egypt backward. They sinfully use religion to destroy the country from within. As example (I heared hundresds of time) women walk un-scarfed , wearing pants in Cairo got verbally and close to physically abused threaten by street gangs..if this scenario happened in any European, US city it is a crime, what Egyptian Police do??
    Egypt is hungry for 21st century model for Hoda Sharawy and Mustapha Kamel (RIP).

  3. Egypt needs money now. Saudi Arabia has money.

    1. This is what the planners for dark Egypt future wants; break it down to poverty, put Saudi money on the horizon, and let Egypt suck their hand(like the MB founder Hassan Elbanna) and let them define life protocol for the Egyptiann. Thank God I am not Egyptian woman to wait and see what is on the horizon for me. And Israel would be happy if Egypt is divided into 3 coutries, a) MB based society, b) Christian (Copt), and c) Secular one (where tourist are welcome. Wait and see . I pray to prove to myself I am wrong.

    2. Sorry Zeinobia for my spelling mistakes above. I felt the urge to quickly type,my straight opinion, directly in the reply box. I hope critics will focus on the subject matters more than the frame.

  4. NAM means nothing now. The Cold War is over. Iranian gov't is the worst possible example for Egypt. Ask the Iranian people, they will tell you. Ask the Syrians, they will tell you.

  5. thanks for posting.


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